About Traditional Dances of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a state of India that shares a border with Pakistan too. The word Rajasthan means the lad of the king.

In Rajasthan, different tribes are living i.e. Rajput, Gurjars, Jats, Meenas, Bhils Rajpurohits, Charans, Yadavs, Bishnois, Meghwals, Sermals, Rajput Malis. Rajasthan is famous because of its diversified cultural heritage.

Traditional Dances of Rajasthan

Rajasthan state is famous for its unique and appealing dance performances which are popular all over the globe. This variety of dance depicts the cultural heritage of different castes that are living there. Folk music is an important element of Rajasthani culture.

Major Traditional Dances of Rajasthan

Below given are some popular folk dances of Rajasthan communities.

  • Ghoomar
  • Kalbeliya
  • Bhavai
  • Khatputli
  • Kachchhi Ghodi
  • Gair
  • Chari
  • Dandiya
  • Fire dance


It is a traditional dance of Rajasthan. This is performed by women of Rajasthan on special events. This dance is famous because of Rajasthani women. A special dress is worn by women of Rajasthan which is flowing Ghaghra a long skirt that looks adorable to them. This dance was performed by one of the Rajasthan local community women name Bhil to entertain the kings of ancient age. 


Nowadays, these dances are performed by Rajhtsani women to welcome the newly married women. Ghoomar is considered to be the number one local dance of the world that amuse the audience worldwide.


Kalbelyia dance is performed by one of the Rajasthan community name Kalbelyia. In a group of women, two or three women sing the song in a high pitched voice while all others enjoy dancing conventionally. The Kalbelyia dance is worth watching in Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Barmer, Jalore, and Jaipur.


Bhavai dance is one of the traditional dances of Indian state Rajasthan. Bhavai dances are performed by women of Kalbelyia, Jat, Meena or Kumar community. And this dance is observed to see on the religious occasion of the community. This dance requires some special skills & years of practice to perform. In this dance, a woman with eight to nine earth pots on his head dance and move their feet quickly on the brass plate. Males accompany females while dancing by playing harmonium, sarangi, and dholak.


It is believed that the origin of this traditional dance is from neighboring state ‘Gujrat’ which later adopted by women and men of Rajasthan tribes and gave it the conventional color of Rajasthan.


The word Kathputli means wooden dolls with no life. This is one of the traditional dances of Rajasthan. The origin of this dance was from the Bhat tribe of Rajasthan. The history of this dance is very old. The performance of these puppets apprises the story of Indian believes myths and the basic problems of the society that are been present in the community. These puppets are carefully moved by puppeteers through a string. This is one of the famous traditional dances in the entire globe.


Nowadays this dance along with Rajasthan has also been observed in other regions of India. Children love to do this dance at their school function which depicts the cultural heritage and diversity of the country.


Kachchhi Ghodi

This is one of the most popular traditional dances of the Rajasthan. The origin of this dance is from Shekhawati a bandit region of India. Mostly, men are performing this dance by wearing turban & dhoti kurta. And they are riding on the elaborately decorated horse.

Kachchhi Ghodi

Each part of Rajasthan has its distinctive style. These skilled dancers and their unique & colorful dresses make Thar the brightest desert of the globe. This dance is nowadays used to perform in social gatherings and weddings. This dance has also been famous in the neighboring county too and they used to perform it at social events. This dance includes mock sword fighting that is full of energy and zeal which signifies bravery and chivalry.


Gair is one of the most popular traditional dances of the Rajasthan in this region. This dance was started by the Bhil community of Rajasthan. It is one of the dances in which men and women dance together. Both the men's and women's dresses are attractive and traditional. Man with a sword in his hand and wearing traditional lengthy attire, while women wear ghagra.

Men usually performed by holding the stick in their hands and move in and out of the circle. Men make a distinctive kind of rhythm and tune by beating the stick. These dances can be performed on any event or occasion, but predominantly these are used to perform on special events such as Holi and Janmashtami.


This dance depicts the daily routine life of Rajasthani women. It describes the daily routine of Rajasthani women that how Rajasthani women travel a mile to collect water in their pot for using it for household purposes.

This dance is only performed by women and this dance is normally seen in women of the krishanghar community called Gujjar. In Chari dance, pots are brightened by lamps and carried up by women on their heads.  



This is one of the traditional dances of the Rajasthan. It is a very colorful dance performed by both men and women. This dance is equally popular in all states of India which used to perform this on special events such as weddings and in Rajasthan. People do this dance on Navratri. It’s very simple to perform. This dance is performed with the help of colorful sticks and background folk music by moving around in a circle which enhances the beauty of dance. The origin of this dance is from Gujrat.


Fire dance

This dance is very dangerous and is used to perform to explain the Jasnathis of Churu and Bikaner's lifestyle. You have to praise the bravery of a person who is performing this act. A wooden or charcoal bed is enlightening with fire and men to do a different kind of stunt on it according to drum beats.


The diversity of Rajasthan makes this place attractive and adorable to tourists. Moreover, folk musical instruments enhance the beauty of Rajasthan dances. The different tribal community and their cultural dances and costumes make this land the brightest desert of the world.

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