Best College Dance Teams

How are dance teams judged?

Dance teams are judged on behalf of team unison, showmanship, choreography, enthusiasm, etc. The college dance team is a platform for all dancers to gain a good career in dancing. The best college dance team is trained by good teachers and instructors. The members of the team can learn many new moves and techniques to apply in their performance.

Rally Dance Team 

College dance squads

Dance or pom is a year-round sport. Teams perform in competition and at sporting events. College dance squads are traditional squads. They may dance on the side-lines or have a specific spot in the stands. The dance squad emphasizes precise motion with dance skills. Dance can change the formations smoothly. 

Dancing in college camps

The main focus of the college camp is to prepare the guys for upcoming games. Dancing in the side-lines and half times is a necessary part of being on a dance team in college. The staff teaches you to be interactive with the crowd. They will guide you to make dedicated alumni proud. It does not matter that you are a competitive team, you still have to join the camp. The skill level in the camp is exceptional. You will encounter the talent from all over the country.

Practice in a college dance team

Dance Team

Instructors and coaches always take into account the class schedule of the members of the team. They usually practice in the morning, in the middle of the day or at night. You may have to practice even on weekends and holidays. Team practices are a responsibility. Almost all the colleges have dance teams. You have to remember that when you step on the stage your team is the main feature. A large crowd is watching you. Dancing at a game is an exciting part of a college dance team. As a member of a college dance team, your schedule should be different from others. You have to manage to attend college and dance practice. Coaches ask their members to obtain certain grade points to stay in the squad. Your schedule may be hectic but you have to be there to work. You have to make an appearance and have to perform at pep rallies games and local events. You have to present yourself professionally. You should act like an adult. 

Traits of a good dance team

Dance Team

There are many good dance teams in different colleges. They perform very well in the open fields and have many characteristics in common. Those characteristics have made them the best teams. 

1- No ‘I’ in the team

All the members of the teams work in coordination. A single-member does not win it is the victory of the full team. The exhibit great teamwork. In dancing, uniformity is the key and they show a great combination of steps. They know very well that a misstep from a single member can take them away from winning the trophy. They encourage one another to perform for a long time. They are stamina builders of each other. If one member is not focusing on the performance the other guides him and enhances his confidence. The uniform behavior of the members can make them achieve a high rank.

2- Extreme hard work

The members of the best college teams practice for many hours daily. They have to build new skills to perform their moves. They have to work hard to impress the judges. They have to do this in the presence of their academic classes. They have to design a schedule that does not hinder their academic classes. These teams consist of highly trained and highly-core individuals. These members combine to enjoy the victory. They know that dancing requires practice so they do not consider the time of practice. When they get free time they are ready to do rehearsals. 

3- Work during the seasons

In football season the teams know that it is the major event of their career and they practice for almost 10 to 12 hours daily. They are committed to their work and always plan to win the competition. During basketball season the practice is twice a week. The maximum hard work is done by the teams during November and December. In these months the season of football and basketball overlap. They have to do rehearsals seven days a week. The college team members have a platform to earn fame. By becoming a member of the college dance team the dancer can become a professional dancer and can learn a lot about dancing techniques.

4- Clean routine and music lover

Dancing is a game of muscles of the body. A dancer must have a lean body. He must be able to perform all his moves with full confidence. The audience comes to see the lines and abs of a dancer’s body. To achieve a muscular body a dancer must follow a strict routine. His every task must be on time. The works of the dancer must be performed on time because if he will have the burden of his task he will not be able to focus on his rehearsals. The most importantly the members of the college dance team must be music lovers. They must enjoy performing on the music at any moment. The members must have common likings of the music. This will enable them to perform and practice together. The dancers in a team must be fans of the music. They should like to hear appreciation from the audience.


The dance squad may incorporate a specific dance style. It may be jazz, hip hop or lyrical. A dance squad may use pom work in a dance routine. Dance teams are famous for sporting events. They perform during the pre-game and half periods of football and basketball games. It may consist of a jazz team, a ballet team or a religion dance team. Dance is a competitive activity. 

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