Best Compliments To Give A Dancer

Every dancer loves to hear the praise of his/her dancing. A dancer will be proud if they hear words like
  • Synchronized
  • Mesmerizing
  • Beautiful
  • Exemplary
  • Alluring
  • Heart-touching
  • Creative
  • Graceful and
  • Flawless.

    Use of descriptive dance language

    While praising a good dancer you should try to use a descriptive dance language. There is a range of descriptive dance terminologies. Such as:

    • Fluid
    • Dynamics
    • Rhythmic
    • Sculptural
    • Theatrical
    • Use of line means symmetrical or asymmetrical
    • Abstract
    • Awareness of body politics

    The language of dance is very versatile. You have to be a dance lover. Nerves give negative comments. You should be good at telling others about the dancing show. If the dance fits any choreographic aesthetics then you should be able to express your views according to that.

    Tell about the moments you love

    Tell the dancer about the best moments in his performance. This shows that you were interested in his performance. This will be one of the best ways to appreciate a dancer. You should praise his moves and expression also. In this way, the dancer will be able to know that what he wants to show to the people he is successful in that. A good performer can feel a difference between a real and fake compliment. So, make sure that if you praise a good dancer be straight forward. You should respect their art and hard work they have done to make their performance the best. You should give an honest appreciation to a dancer. Tell him what you like the most also let him know about his weakness.

    Give the dancer sincere advice

    A person who is a dancer is not after your wealth but he is after your words. If you will use bad words for his performance then you are killing his creativity and hard work. Dancing is a technique in which a great exercise of muscles is being done. Make sure that you appreciate a dancer and tell him what you liked the most in his performance. A dancer is an artist. He impresses people with his moves and makes them love him. He is indeed a magician. 

    Dance is not only an activity but a soulful with the supreme power. The dancing activities make us able to have a good relationship with Nature. If you are interested in dancing then you can start it in isolation in your room. Do practice in front of the mirror and select a person who can teach you. You can now have an optional subject related to dance in many institutions of arts and humanities. Some universities offer the degree of bachelor's in dance. The dance activities are also used as a therapy.

    Dance and rhythm are connected. The dancing steps can give rise to new rhythmic musical tones. Many people in different countries perform different dances at every event. Traditional dances impart cultural morals. The dances are performed on births or funerals. The dancing activities can be used to express both sorrow and happiness in life. A dancer is a person who engages all the community members and is spiritually active. He has a strong relationship with the Creator. He can perceive nature more quickly as compared to a person who does not know the dance.

    How to be a good dancer?

    Dancing is a true way of expressing yourself. It is a way to connect you to supernatural power. That power is always looking at you every time and smiling. To earn wisdom in dancing you should keep the following steps in mind:

    • Do a lot of practice. This is the only way to improve your moves. You can do this by watching any reality show or YouTube channel.
    • You should select the dance form according to your choice. You can do this by trying every single type of dance form.
    • You should work properly in your body language.
    • You should take good care of your energy level and diet. You have to perform many energetic and flexible moves.
    • Your hand gestures must be clear and graceful.
    • You should be focused to keep yourself calm and peaceful.
    • Your facial expressions should be perfect. You should know how to enjoy your dance.
    • Perform the steps in your way. If you have copied the steps then perform them in your way.
    • You should express your emotions through eyes. These emotions should look natural.
    • You should fill yourself with emotions and passion. Your performance should be full of energy and confidence.
    • You should have a lot of videos of your favorite stars so that you can learn from their performances.
    • To be a good dancer you should participate in every competition. 
    • You should keep working hard. One day you will start enjoying this activity and it will not be your side job. 

    Be real in praising a dancer

    A dancer is a person who can know about the nature of another person more than him. So, when you have to pass a compliment on a dancer be real. If you will praise him forcefully he will know that. So, if you like the dance tell the dancer and if you do not like the dance then ask him to work more on his moves. In this way, he will gain experience and will be more focused.

    Be a good observer

    If you want to give a compliment to a dancer then you should be a good observer. You should know that every dancer likes good comments. If you comment on his usage of muscles or flexibility then he comes to know his real strength. You can only commend him if you have seen the dance properly. You should have a little bit of knowledge about dancing. You should not confuse the natural talent with the hard work of the dancer.

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    Author: Sky Hoon
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