Best Dance Challenges

To bring out the outstanding young talent in the world of dancing many dance challenges are made viral. It helps in progression and innovation in dancing. Many young dancers get an opportunity to showcase their talent globally.  These challenges have created a sense of competition in the new dancers. They are improving their skills and making their bodies look lean and muscular. 

Online challenges

It has become a trend to enter a dance challenge online. With these buzzing challenges, some iconic moves have also being made. Some of the iconic dance moves of the challenges are:

1- The Robot

For those who cannot dance and lack coordination, this robot challenge is the best choice. It is a mixture of hip hop beat and robotic moves where the dancer moves his arms and legs without sinking.

2- Vogue

It came from Madonna’s iconic song. The move of this dance was a hit during 1960. The move requires the movements of the wrist, legs, torso and a backbend. It is much of a challenge for experienced dancers.

3- Moon Walk

Moon Walk

The roots of the moonwalk back to 1932. A renowned singer and dancer Michael Jackson also gave his debut with this movement. In modern times, a moonwalk is primarily associated with Jackson.

4- The Dougie

It is one of the moves that redefined the culture of hip hop. In 2008 the Dougie hit the screens. Now, it has become undeniable in millennial culture.

5- The Twist

In the 1960s a new trend of dance was introduced which became popular within days. It is one of the classic moves. It is still practiced in parties. The dancer grooves their hips to the hit. The catchy dance move is not going to end anytime soon. 

6- The Carlton

If you are a 90s kid then you will remember Will Smith’s performance in ‘The Prince of Bel-Air’. Will Smith was a hip hop artist and dancer himself. This move was renowned widely. It has a lasting impact on the audience until today. The Carlton move was introduced at first a co-star of Will Smith in the show who portrayed Carlton Banks on air. Thus the name to the move was given Carlton. This move requires the dancer to move side by side swiftly. 

7- Dip and Lean Challenge

This challenge was created by Young Black Kings who featured this song. This challenge amassed over 3 million views online. It is the compilation of almost every viral dance like Flossing, Dougie, and Milly Rock. 

8- Hit every beat challenge

One of the contestants in the world of the dance is supposed to be the originator of this tricky challenge. It has racked 40 million views. The comfort of this challenge is that you can use whatever beat you like.

9- Kill this love

A famous K-pop girl BLACKPINK created their single Kill this love. The group introduced some dance routine who was watched repeatedly and many people recreated it. This craze gave rise to the challenge today. 

10- UNO dance challenge

It is a trending challenge on Instagram. Ambjaay is the creative artist of the challenge. He collaborated with an NYC based choreographer to work on the moves for the teenagers to have more fun.

11- The Git Up challenge 

This routine became hit when a user Harvey Bass made a hilarious video in his school cafeteria. This challenge has since gone viral. It is a combination of synchronized movements of hands, legs, and feet. 

12- Crab Rave

An Irish DJ Noisestorm took the internet by storm after releasing an electrify move of Crab Rave. It gained 22 million hits. 

13- Mr. Bean dance challenge

Everybody knows Mr. Bean. His comic actions make everyone laugh. Mr. Bean's challenge was created with his comical dance moves which are incredibly easy. The comical aspect of the dance challenge has given it millions of hits. 

14- Finger dance challenge

It seems that you can even dance with your fingers. For the promotion of a film named ‘Killer Not Stupid’. The cast introduced the Finger dance challenge. It is on the movie's main theme song.

15- Squad Dance challenge

It is a challenge to just dance. It has no fix routine or moves. The challenger dances to his heart content. This challenge is only for fun. You can dance on any music and upload your video. This challenge was introduced by Chris Decay. He performed this challenge in his mega-hit ‘Superstar’.

World Dance Challenge

Unlike the above online challenge, there is an international platform for dance schools. It provides an unforgettable experience for the dancers. All the participants have to compete with each other on different levels. To qualify the world dance challenge the participant can easily enter through auditions. They are also given options for affordable packages. In this package, they are provided with accommodation, tickets, workshops, uniforms and photos and videos of the performances. In between the competition, there are many masterclasses and workshops for the participant in different genres.


These challenges have many new doors for the dancers. The introduction of new moves in the field of dancing is the result of these challenges. It is only due to these challenges that dancing moves are getting fame worldwide. 


The years ahead will be many more years of viral choreography. The Internet was buzzing with the latest and burning dance moves. With time other dancers started it as an online competition. It was the year when the dance challenges popped up almost weekly. These competitions online make different famous worldwide. When a beginner sees all these challenges he also tries to perform them at home. In doing so he is well trained and can also launch a challenge online. 

Many kids use their mobile phones to capture the challenge. The teenagers shoot for a specific challenge of dance and share the video online. With these viral videos, teenagers have become much of a celebrity. The dancers perform many new moves and show their body skill in these challenges. They also tag some special people to whom they want to perform to perform the challenge.

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Author: Sky Hoon
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