Best Dance Socks - Know Before You Buy

Having the best dance socks is important to keep you or your child focused on the dance moves.

We've reviewed the best dance socks so that you can choose whether you preferred to go on budget, popularity, or premium.

If you’re reading this now, you’re might be looking for answers to your questions.

Questions like, 'what is the best dance socks?‘, ‘how to clean dance socks?‘, 'why do dancers wear half socks', 'Do you wear socks with ballet shoes?', or ‘where to buy dance socks ‘.

In this review, we’re going to answer all of these questions and take you through what we researched. 
Item Feature Price
Best Value $

Women's Ankle Dance Socks NSOCK

Great for budget-conscious

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Popular Choice

Women's 3 to 8 Pack Thin No Show Socks Non Slip Flat Boat Line

Very thin

Cool and lightweight

Silicon at the base to hold in place

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Premium Choice $$$

Yoga Socks for Women with Grip & Non-Slip Toeless Half Toe Socks for Ballet Pilates Barre Dance

Fit well

Good traction at the bottom

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Our Reviews

For information, we looked through 12 items in Amazon before deciding the best value, most popular choice and the premium choice of Dance Socks

Womens Ankle Dance Socks NSOCK

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These dance socks are for the budget-conscious and will be slightly better than normal. It seems thick but still will work well. The color is suitable for ballet, modern, contemporary class. 

The dance sock is not the best though as it does not grip well to the floor for a fast dance move.

Otherwise, the Womens Ankle Dance Socks NSOCK is decently built and suitable for budget-conscious consumer.


  • Budget-conscious
  • Good Color scheme
  • Not a perfect grip
  • Too thick if wearing inside a shoe

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Womens 3 to 8 Pack Thin No-Show Socks Non-Slip Flat Boat Line

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Eedor is a popular manufacturer among dance socks

The Women's 3 to 8 Pack Thin No-Show Socks is great for wearing in dance shoes. To enhance the non-slip, there is silicon at the base. 

The socks are not the best though if you have balance issues. It is not as durable as expected and will rip at the toe areas after moderate use.

Otherwise, the Eedor dance socks are decently built and suitable for the consumer looking for a popular choice.


  • A popular choice for dance socks
  • Silicon base for more grip
  • Thin and can wear in shoes
  • Not useful if you have balance issues
  • Rip easily

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Yoga Socks for Women with Grip & Non-Slip Toeless Half Toe Socks for Ballet Pilates Barre Dance

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Hylaea produces premium socks for yoga, pilates, and ballet.

The Yoga Socks for Women with Grip & Non-Slip for ballet, Pilates, barre dance is no exception from the usual quality. If you know of someone with balance issues or grip issues, you must get these socks.

The base is designed to grip the floor well.

The socks are not the best though as it will still spoil after moderate use. Nevertheless, there aren't any socks that would not tear after moderate use.

Otherwise, the Socks for Women with Grip & Non-Slip socks is decently built and suitable for the consumer looking for a premium choice.


  • Great grip on the dance floor
  • Fit well for most dancers
  • Wear off or spoil

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Best Dance Socks

By now you’ve probably ear-marked your favorite, but probably want a little more information – that’s why you’re still reading, right?

Well, you’re in luck…because we created an in-depth informational guide for finding Dance Socks, so if you are still unsure or you have any final questions, this buyer's guide should do the trick.

Why do dancers wear half socks?

Some people wonder, why are half socks wore and whether it is even necessary. Actually, it depends on the surface. The reasons to wear can be fear of slipping, to reduce ankle injuries, or protect the blisters from getting worse, or prevent sweaty feet from making the shoe smells. On a non-slip Marley floor, there is no need to wear half socks. 

Do you wear socks with ballet shoes?

Yes, you can, especially the "invisible" ankle socks. It is not as uncommon as you think. There are many people who wore their ballet shoes with socks if you just search online.

Can you dance in socks?

Again, there are no issues as long as it is safe. Safety is of utmost importance given the danger of slippery dance floor or lack of protection on uneven surfaces. 

What kind of socks do dancers wear?

Besides the provided choice, some dancers go for specialty socks. However, we do not think it is necessary unless you are a professional dancer with sponsorships.

  • Apolla Performance's Infinite Shocks
  • ToeSox's Relevé Half Toe

What are dance socks made of?

The material varies from cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex. Dance socks that used a mixture wish to make use of the property of the various materials like breathability, stretchability, durability. 

The grip of Dance Socks

This is the most crucial factor for a dancer focused on their performance. Without the grip, it will be challenging to perform complex dance moves that require twist and turn. Look at the baser of dance socks to determine how good the grip is. Those with silicon or friction at the best will help, though not perfect.

High cut socks will also grip better than low cut socks. It will look odd if the color is off-skin but performance and safety is important

Design of Dance Socks

Other than performance, the other factor is the design of the dance socks. A low cut socks or high cut sock? Toe-less or full-toe socks? These are very different and depend on your preference.

The durability of Dance Socks

Durable socks can be worn and wash more times before ripping off. There are many cheap socks that rip off at the toes and have to be thrown away. This will make it more expensive over time then investing in better socks. Nevertheless, don't expect any dance socks to last long, given the sweat and intensity of usage.

How to wash dance socks

All socks should be washed in the outer area. For the socks, do not use bleach or you would damage the fabric and the color. It will shorten the life of dance socks.


Our Choice

Our choice is the Hylea socks among all the Dance Socks. If you still have time, you can see the other choices that we checked but didn't love them as much.

Item Feature Price

Yoga Socks Non Slip Ballet Dance Pilates Pure Barre Barefoot Workout Socks with Grips for Women 2 Pairs Size 5-10 Check Price on Amazon

Womens Five Toe Half Toe Pilates Barre Ballet Dance Barefoot Workout Non-Slip Yoga Socks Check Price on Amazon

Womens 10-Pack Cotton Lightly Cushioned Ankle Socks Check Price on Amazon

Womens 6 Pack Socks (No Show/Liner) Check Price on Amazon

Womens 10-Pack Cotton Lightly Cushioned Crew Socks Check Price on Amazon

Womens Extreme Low Cut Shoe Liners with Adhesive Gel Tab 6 Pairs Check Price on Amazon

Star Womens Sparkle Mesh Grip Socks Pilates Barre Yoga Dance Non-Slip Socks Check Price on Amazon

Ballet Dance Socks with a Strap, Non-Slip, Grippy, Low Profile Check Price on Amazon
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