Best Dances to Learn Besides Ballet

What are the best dances to learn?

For beginners, the best 5 dances to learn are Rumba, Cha Cha, Swing, Salsa, and Foxtrot.  These are the best dances to learn for social dancing. There are some other dances as well that we have mentioned above. For other dancing styles, a special type of music will be required. If you are dancing at weddings or night clubs the music might suit your dancing style. So, it is ideal to learn a dancing style from these five. For these styles, there is no special requirement for particular music.

There are many forms of dance such as disco to Morris and ballroom to barn dancing. Dance has always been part of celebrations, rituals, and culture. Nowadays dance is all about self-expression and gaining health benefits. It is also considered as a competitive activity. Dancing can be a source of enjoyment and it will help you to stay fit. In this article, you will find out what are the best dances to learn. 

Types of Dance

Before going into details of the best dances to learn let’s have a look at the types of dance. There are lots of dance styles that you can choose. A good thing is each style has its attraction. Popular styles of dancing are given below:

  • Ballet
  • This dance style is mostly practiced in classical music. This dance style will be majorly focusing on strength, flexibility, and technique. 

  • Belly Dancing
  • This style of dance was originated in the Middle East. This dancing style can be a fun way and a good source of exercise. 

    Belly Dancing

  • Ballroom Dancing
  • This dancing style requires lots of partner dancing styles such as rumba, foxtrot, swing, tango, and waltz. 

    ballroom dancing

  • Hip-hop Dancing
  • This type of dancing is performed to hip-hop music. This urban style of dancing involves lots of moves such as locking, breaking, freestyling, and popping. 

    Hip-hop Dancing

  • Pole Dancing
  • This dancing style has become much popular, but it is a famous style for exercise. You will be performing sensual dancing with a vertical pole. This dancing style requires coordination, muscle endurance, upper and lower body strength. 

    Pole Dancing

  • Jazz Style
  • It is known as a high-energy dance style. It involves leaps and turns and kicks to the beat of the music. 

  • Salsa Dancing
  • It is a mixture of various dancing styles such as Latin African and American influences and Caribbean style. It is usually a partner dance, and it focuses on sensuality and rhythms. 

  • Tap Dancing
  • This dancing style mainly focuses on beats and timing. Its name originates from the sound that was originated by metallic plates attached to the heels of the shoe or the toe. 

  • Square-Dancing
  • It is a type of folk dancing in which four couples dancing in a square pattern can be seen. Couples will be moving around each other and they will be continuously changing partners during the dance.

    Choosing the best dance to learn

    Before making a selection of the best dance asks yourself a few questions. Why do you want to learn to dance? 

    • Whether you want to improve your fitness?
    • Are you interested in enhancing coordination and flexibility?
    • What type of dancing do you prefer? Fast or slow?
    • Do you want to dance with a partner or do you want to do it on your own?
    • Do you want to join a dance club or class? 
    • Do you want to take classes privately?
    • Would you love to be a competitor or you want to learn just for fun?

    Once you have got the answers to these questions, then you will be able to choose the best dance that you should learn. 


    General tips to remember for dancing

    If you are interested in taking dance classes and you want to learn dance. Below given are a few suggestions for you. 

    • First, make an appointment with your doctor if you are above 40 years ago. You are overweight. Or if you have any bad medical condition. 
    • Wear extra layers of clothes so that you can take them off once your body gets warm up. 
    • Before beginning dance sessions, do some warm-up activities or stretches. 
    • Make sure that you are drinking lots of water before, during, and after your dancing class. 
    • Don’t forget to rest between dance sessions. 
    • When you are a beginner don’t push yourself too fast and too far. 
    • Buy and wear shoes that suit your dance style. 
    • Before starting the dance class contacts your instructor and asks him whether you are wearing the right shoes or not. 
    • If you want to learn new dance moves then sit and watch others. There is always a risk of injury in new moves. Don’t try new moves especially when you are tired. 
    • Make sure that you are performing regular leg-strengthening exercises. 
    • Try to move as fluidly as you possibly can. 
    • Cooldown a bit after stretching and dance sessions. Give yourself a break. 

    What dancing can do for you?

    Dancing is an important thing for all age people. 

    • It can be the best way to stay fit irrespective of age, size, and shape. 
    • Dancing can help to improve your muscle strength, coordination, endurance, and fitness. 
    • Dancing can help you to build your social circle. You will be meeting new people and will be making new friends. 
    • Before stepping into the dancing class see your doctor if you feel any bad health condition. 


    Dance can be a great activity. It can bring lots of health benefits. It can be a source of joy. There are lots of dance styles. Firstly, ask yourself why you want to take dance classes then you will be able to find out which one is best for you. Keep a few things in mind before stepping into a dance class. Choose the dancing style wisely and enjoy health and emotional benefits. 

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