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Jazz dance costumes

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The clothes worn by a dancer while performing in front of audience refers to a dance costume. Dance costumes are designed to use in a specific way. It may be traditionally used in ceremonial dances. These costumes do not hinder the movements of the dancer. A costume is designed in such a way that it enhances the lines formed by the dancer’s body. These costumes also express the choreographer’s art or vision. They engage the audience with the dancer. It also exhibits the mood and theme of the dance. It may be loose or tightly fit on the dancer’s body. Costumes are designed based on movements performed by the dancer and the requirement of the audience. Jazz dance costume has its history in the 20th century. 

History of the jazz dance costume

flapper dress

There came a huge shift in fashion during the first half of the 20th century. The fashion of the 1920s became a binary of style and function. Men and women wore beautiful clothes. Society changed after World War I. Nightclubs originated and grabbed the whole crowd of men and women. During this time the dresses used had a sharp contrast with the dresses of the Victorian era. The jazz dance fashion flourished in 1920. Historical Jazz dance costume includes cloche Hats, flapper dresses, and high heel shoes. 

Best jazz dance wears

Jazz dance requires a lot of flexibility and quick moves. The dancers need to wear proper costumes that go with the lines of the body. The dancer should fit properly without the fuss and frills. The best costume for a dancer depends on the creativity of the designer. He should have new ideas to make the outfit glamorous and highlight the body of the dancer. Jazz dance costume allows great freedom of colors, a dancer can wear flashy and loud colors. The colors highlight the movements of the dance steps of a particular performance. The color of the costume compliment to the energy of the dancer. It symbolizes the meaning of the movements the dancer portrays. Some of the popular outfits are

  • Halter tops
  • Racerbacks
  • Sequin tops
  • Long pants

One may also prefer less clothing as the dance is highly energetic and the dancer should be comfortable. Most dancers prefer shorts and fitted tops to gain more flexibility. Costume with glam and glitter may also be preferable during some performances. 

Jazz Shoes

One of the most important things to learn is the choice of jazz shoes. Many teachers want you to wear them. Shoes are in innumerable styles in the market. You may look for the one that fits best for you. Jazz shoes differ from ballet slippers in having a small heel. They may be black or tan. They are present in full and split-soles. Some jazz shoes have slipped on them while others are with or without laces. Some dancers wear jazz sneakers. Jazz sneakers have split sole and a hard toe area. They are used for small rises onto pointe. One of the options is jazz boots. If you are a dancer with weak arches then jazz boots are suitable for you. They give support to the ankle. 

Guideline to wear jazz dance costume

Jazz dancers can wear a variety of outfits. Here are certain steps to follow while wearing a jazz dance costume:

  • Keep this thing in mind that you should ask the instructor if there is a dress code. 
  • Many instructors want their students to wear peculiar items while dancing in their classes.
  • If the instructor does not ask for a dress code then you may different options. 
  • Many jazz dancers prefer to wear tights and leotards. The tight outfit enables the dancer to perform the moves comfortably. 
  • If you do not prefer a tight outfit then you may look for jazz pants. You may find them in a variety of lengths and colors. 
  • Some other options are to wear a simple camisole over a leotard with soft shorts. 
  • If you are given a choice to wear anything you want then go for comfortability because you have to move freely during the dance. 

Jazz Dance

It emerged in Brazil in the early 20th century. It refers to Broadway or theatrical jazz. These genres are based on African American styles of dancing. Jazz dance is different from jazz music. One thing special about jazz dance is that all jazz dancer executes moves and steps in their way. This dance is based upon fancy footwork, large leaps, quick and sudden turns. A jazz dancer may also be good in ballet dancing, as it provides grace and balance. 

Jazz Dance Class

You have to be quick and get ready to move into a jazz dance class. Jazz dance class explodes with energy. All the music styles including hip hop will get you moving. It begins with a complete warm-up then the instructor makes a series of stretching exercises and special isolation movements. When we talk about isolation it refers to moving one part of the body while the rest of the body does not move. This class also practices the art of suspension, during which a person moves through [positions instead of balancing them. One of the best ways to end the class is through short cooldown steps so that the dancers do not develop muscle soreness. 

Steps of jazz dance

There are a variety of steps. The instructor may teach you numerous steps but you have to try to make each step your own. Jazz dance encourages the dancer to add his personality to each step of the dance. Some of the jazz steps are based on basic turns like chains, piques, and pirouettes. Leaps may be based on turning jumps and tour jetes. Jazz walk is a special step which is a signature to jazz dancing. One of the famous jazz moves is contraction. You need a lot of practice to learn jazz dance techniques. 

Bottom line

It does not matter what costume you choose for quick jazz dance, be focused on comfort level and your body lines.

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