Best Shoes for Heels Dance Class

Joining a heel’s dance class can be fun. It would be an impossible task to choose the best shoes for heels dance class before stepping foot in a class. Once you have selected the right shoe it will increase your confidence and you will feel secure irrespective of your dance level.

In this article, you will find out the best shoes for heels dance class, and what factors to consider before buying shoes for heels dance class. Heels class is all about fun and feeling your best so don’t allow the bad pair of shoes to ruin your dance experience. 

Factors to be considered while buying the best shoes for heels dance class

There are lots of factors to look for to enjoy your heels class. A few major factors are given below:

  • Height
  • It will be difficult to dance when the heel is higher. In the beginning, it is recommended to start with something lower and then work your way up. Start with two inches heel and when you start to feel comfortable you can switch to 4 to 5 inches heels. Never choose a shoe whose heel has a thick platform. You would love to feel the floor under your foot. For dancers, to properly dance and distribute their weight it is recommended to use heels with a thin platform. 

    Best Shoes for Heels Dance Class

  • Thickness 
  • The best shoes in terms of thickness for a heels class is Stiletto heel. For new dancers, it is better to try shoes with thicker heels. High heels with a thick platform will make things easier for the dancers and they will feel comfortable. Dancers will get more support because of these thicker heels. For advanced dancers, stiletto heels for heels classes are the best. 

    Thick Heels

  • Laces
  • Some of the best heels for heels class have laces. During the dance, your shoes stretch and change shape over time so laces will come into play and will help to adjust the tightness. Shoes will stretch out over time and will become loose. If at any stage your laces wear out, you can change them and it will provide a brand new look to your shoes. 


  • Ankle support
  • For the best shoes for heels dance class, ankle support is everything. Your foot and ankle must feel secure in dancing shoes. If you are wearing a flimsy heel you can easily twist your ankle which is the worst thing. It is recommended to pick shoes that come up to your ankle and it is tight around. While buying dancing heels for heels class always look for laces, strong material around the top of the shoe, and zippers. Heels class is considered to be the most empowering dance class so take this class with full preparation and have fun. 

    Ankle Support

    Picking the right shoes for heels class will help to:

    • You will not get yourself injured.
    • It will reduce pain chances significantly.
    • You will be able to enjoy the heels class without worrying about falling over. 
    • You will also look awesome. That’s great. 
    • The right shoes will help to align and support your body. 
    • You will be able to accomplish kick-ass moves efficiently that you have learned in your heels dance class. 

    3 tips to wear the best shoes for heels dance class

    Don’t forget these tips are the best shoe guide that can help you to have fun in your heels dance class. 

  • Look for comfort and stability
  • Wear your chosen heels and see how they fit. Make sure that it is not too tight and not too loose. If the shoes are comfortable you will feel instantly. Wearing your dancing shoes walk around the house. Are you walking without wobbling and your feet are supported? If yes then it’s great. 

    You must feel the ground underneath your feet. For stable shoes, it must be secure from all the sides. When you do a small kick your shoe must not fly. It is not necessary to wear dancing heels straight away from your first class, but you can try when you start to feel comfortable. 

  • Start from low heels
  • When you are a beginner, it is better to wear 2-inches high heel boots. Try to avoid sandals or open-toe heels at the start. It is recommended to use a maximum of 3-inches high heel irrespective of your ability. Why is it important to start low? The first thing is your safety. The second thing is the physical reasons. Wearing heels can change the natural positioning of your body and the alignment when you move. Different muscle groups will activate when you will start the dance. Due to this big physical change, it is better to keep things as small as possible. Give your body some time to adjust. 

  • Bring some options in case you might need them
  • Sometimes you might feel this shoe can be best for dance class as it looks fabulous. However, it does not necessarily mean that this can be suitable for a heels class. Your purpose is to learn heels dancing and have some fun instead of hurting yourself. You might be wearing your fabulous shoes but you will not enjoy your dance class. So, if you are not 100% sure about the best shoes bring out some extra options and ask your teacher which one is best for heels dance class. 

    Some parts of the class like warm-ups you will be doing in your normal shoes like Flats, jazz boots, and sneakers. So for students joining heels class must come up wearing normal shoes and comfortable clothing such as leggings, tank tops, T-shirts, and shorts. 


    As it is mentioned earlier heels dance class can be fun so make sure that you are wearing the right shoes and clothes to enjoy your class. The above guide can help you to pick the best shoes for heels dance class. Consider all the factors while buying the best shoes. This will help you to be safe and enjoy your dancing class.

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