Best YouTube Channels to Learn K-pop Dancing (With Tutorial Videos)

K-Pop dance may seem intimidating with their often daunting choreography or lightning-paced moves.

However, there’s more than meets the eye!

Read on to check out 5 YouTube Channels that do dance tutorials which can make even the hardest K-pop dance appear manageable!

5) It’s U Limn 


It’s U Limn is a Korean YouTube that covers numerous K-pop group choreography. From BLACKPINK to ITZY she’s got you covered. Her videos specialize in breaking down complex choreography into easily understandable bite-sized pieces. She also provides a detailed explanation for different parts of the choreography by splitting a full version of the song into several different parts.



Her most viewed tutorial that garnered more than 1 million views.

Beginners who wish to take the first step into the world of dance can start with SUNMI’s - 보라빛 (pporappippam) choreography. With fairly simple footwork and limited hand gestures, this song does not require you strained your brain to remember every single step. The choreography consists of many easy to memorize moves and is perfect for beginners.

4) RPM Dance Crew


RPM Dance Crew is a University of Toronto bases K-pop dance cover group. They post mirrored dance tutorials that can make even the hardest choreography appear easy to beginners. Is learning the full dance, not to your fancy? Fret not! Not only do they offer tutorials for the full cover of the song, but they also provide tutorials for the chorus as well. 

Their most popular video as of now is their dance tutorial for BTS DOPE with over 5.3 million views

With many repetitive steps and hand signs, TT from TWICE is an excellent choice for beginners who wish to venture into the world of K-pop dance. TT isn’t paced too fast and the choreography doesn’t require you to use up all of your energy. Overall it’s a cute song with many quirky but simple hand signs that make it one of the easier songs to cover. 

3) Ellen and Brian


Ellen and Brian are a Chinese American couple Youtubers that wish to share their passion for dance with the world. Couples who are beginners at dancing and wish to learn together look no further! Ellen and Brian’s tutorial videos have a light hearted tone and teaches you how to avoid common mistakes that make your dancing appear sloppy.


Their channel’s most popular dance cover: KILL THIS LOVE BY BLACKPINK has over a whopping 8 million views

BLACKPINK’s DDU-DU DDU-DU involves dramatic beats and opts towards the kind of Bang Bang Bang hip-hop genre more. Choreography wise, there is little footwork and the song isn’t too fast-paced for beginners with many memorable hand gestures such as finger guns. If you are a beginner and wish to dance to a tune that’s funky and hip hop based, BLACKPINK’s DUU-DU DDU-DU is right up your alley!

 2) ImLisarhee

ImLisarhee is a dancer who can make even the toughest choreography appear manageable. Did you know She once danced with Everglow in a QnA video? She covers the latest K-pop hits and demonstrates each part of the dance slowly with one hundred percent accuracy. She is also detailed oriented and pays attention to even the tiniest of details in the choreography.


Her channel’s most viewed dance cover to this day is SWALLA by BLACKPINK which has garnered more than a staggering 18 Million views!


HyunA’s FLOWER SHOWER is a refreshing pop song containing an upbeat tune with a sexy and cute choreography to match. If you’re a beginner dancer who can’t decide between learning a cute or sexy choreography, then FLOWER SHOWER allows you to have your cake and eat it too! The choreography is elegantly containing light footwork that can be memorized easily with muscle memory.


1) 1MILLION Dance Studio 

1MILLION Dance Studio is a dance school based in Seoul, South Korea with over 21 million subscribers. They release a new dance cover every day and have garnered a reputation for not only covering K-pop songs, but they do Hip Hop dance as well.

Fun Fact! The instructors of 1MILLION have choreographed for K-pop artists such as Jay Park, HyunA and etc. You may have spotted a few of your favorite K-pop artists such as MaMamoo, ACE, and Everglow dancing at that studio as well!

It was a tough choice but their most popular video is WORTH IT BY FIRTH HARMONY standing in with a colossal 163 million views!

Do you recognize who are the lovely ladies in the studio? That’s right! It’s the members from MAMAMOO themselves along with Lia Kim, the choreographer who created the choreography for MAMAMOO’S hit track “HIP”!

HIP is a catchy song with a choreography that may appear slightly challenging to beginners. Although the rap portion of the song may contain slightly harder hand movements and footwork, Hip, in general, has a funky vibe with memorably moves that beginners can pick up fairly fast with practice!

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Author: Hazel
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