Can you lose weight by Dancing in your room (with Workout Video)

Dancing is a form of exercise that can definitely help in weight loss, provided that you also eat in moderation.

Can you lose weight by dancing in your room? YES, dancing can lose weight in your room with more than half an hour daily, together with the “20-80” ( 20% exercise, 80% diet) rule of thumb . Summing them up altogether will produce your desired results within a short span of easily a month or so. 

Read on to find out more about how you can lose weight by dancing in your room. 

Researchers said losing weight is “20% exercise and 80% diet” (

Depending on the kind of dance routine you choose, while some help you to burn more calories, others will allow you to tone up your muscles and work on your flexibility at the same time.

The best type of dance to lose weight is those akin to cardio movements – which increases your heart rate while burning calories. 

  • Some of you may be thinking: I can’t dance for nuts…
  • I look like a dying chicken. Well……. neither can I. 
  • When I was a freshman in my university (NUS), I signed up for an activity called “RAG AND FLAG” (shout out to all raggers!!!).
  • As I had no prior experiences in dance, I was discouraged when I applied to my hall’s Rag And Flag as a dancer, thinking that I had zero chances of being selected with the mindset of “just apply for fun, no harm trying”.
  • I honestly didn’t really have high hopes of getting in but long story short: I got selected to be part of the dance team, pulled through training, and eventually developed a slight passion for dance. And the best part? I lost weight in the process – a phenomenon that never occurred to me in the past.

I guess it all starts somewhere right? There’s always a first for everything. 

Now comes the real question. Can dancing at home really help you to lose weight? 

Losing weight is tough; we’ve all been there, done that. Most of us have probably tried many ways to lose weight but sometimes we don’t get our desired results and our efforts are deemed useless.

Forget about hitting the gym every day or going for a run under the scorching sun.

Studies have shown that dancing for a solid half an hour can allow you to burn as many calories as going for a swim or run (

Furthermore, with COVID-19 still lurking around the corner as well, it is best to stay home to work out. What if I tell you that there are some simple ways YOU can incorporate dancing into your lifestyle, even from the comfort of your home? 

  1. Pamela Reif’s dance workouts

Pamela is a legend. This sensational fitness YouTuber has helped me tremendously in my fitness journey thus far. After following her workouts for almost 3 months, I have shed some fats and became more toned alongside a healthier diet (I don’t eat super clean, but I do eat lesser every day to lower the calorie intake).

Although I must say that her workouts are pretty challenging with little to no breaks in between, they actually WORK! If you’re not feeling anything, are you really exercising? 

Recently, she has also released some dance workouts that allow you to have fun with dance movements while grooving to the music. Fear not if you can’t dance for nuts, just follow along in her videos! They are short yet intense so trust me, you’ll definitely feel the burn from her dance workout videos. Here are some recommendations from her list of workout videos that you can follow along. 

1.1 First and foremost – WARM UP 

It is advisable to do some warmup or light stretching before any rigorous activity. This 3-minute full-body warm-up video is not only enjoyable but also filled with fun beats. You can tell from their facial expressions that they’re having loads of fun!


1.2 Then comes the fun part.

A calorie killer workout, this happy dance workout video promises you to burn those calories within a short span of 15 minutes and leaves you perspiring a rainfall at the end of it. Not gonna lie, initially when I first started doing this video, my thighs were screaming in pain from all the squat actions but it definitely gets easier as time goes by! It is also a fun video to dance to since her song choices and dance moves are pretty much happy and cheerful.



Do remember to take a break in between each workout video to catch your breath! Do not over-exert especially if you’re just starting out. 


1.3 Last but not least, finish off your daily routine with a dance workout combined with 80s music.

Not only is this video guaranteed to get you into a happy mood, but her dance moves are also pretty simple to follow along! This has got to be one of my favorite dance workout videos as I had loads of fun reminiscing the oldies while exercising. 



Of course, this is just a sample plan that you can follow along if you’re clueless about where and how to begin. There are definitely more dance workout videos that Pamela Reif has posted on her channel so do check her out!

  1. “Just Dance”

I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard of the video game Just Dance. Not only is it easy for users of all ages to navigate, but you can also simply curate your song preferences and follow along with the dancer on the screen. In addition, there are fun yet competitive elements incorporated such as competing with a friend – get your heart pumping while thrashing them! Or be thrashed. This game leaves you wanting for more, and before you know it, you’ve worked out – or danced – longer than you expected. Pro tip: opt for a more upbeat song with a higher intensity such as hip-hop genre if you wish to burn more calories and drop the pounds.

  1. Online dance classes

With COVID-19’s persistence, all the more you should avoid heading out to attend physical dance classes. From the comfort of your home/room, simply search for online beginner/intermediate classes and I’m sure you’ll find something that suits your needs and preferences. Don’t be afraid to go all out at home since no one’s going to judge you. Optimize the space you have at home or in your room. Let loose and be free!

  1. TIKTOK 

I’m pretty sure many of us are aware of the latest trendy application, TikTok, a social networking app that is used to create short dances, freestyle performances, and creative works. I kid you not, it seems like many people have in fact found their potential in dancing through this app. Even though each video lasts for a good 15 seconds or so, it is actually a pretty good avenue for starters who are new in the dance scene. There are even trendy dance videos that have gone viral, such as Jalaiah Harmon’s “the Renegade” or Zico’s “Any Song Challenge”. In fact, these sensational, short yet fun dance videos have been followed by millions worldwide – and in the process of perfecting these moves, you are actually burning more calories than you realize during the time spent practicing. 

The Renegade Dance Any Song Challenge

Needless to say, dancing is definitely a brilliant way to shed the pounds while having fun simultaneously. You don’t have to travel down to a studio, the gym, or run around your neighborhood aimlessly, all of which seem unappealing on lazy days. Just find a substantial space in your own room with air con (added bonus yay!), play ANY music of your own preference, and start moving!


That being said, dancing has to be accompanied by a healthier diet to lose weight and shed the fats off. Of course, you don’t have to starve yourself (PLEASE DON’T! There might be reverse effects) but it is recommended to lower your daily food intake for more visible results. It is okay to consume your favorite snacks from time to time but do eat them in moderation. Remember the 20-80 rule.


If you ever feel like giving up, keep this in mind: pain is temporary, pride is forever. Keep dancing and keep grooooving! 

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Author: Chelsie
Chelsie is a typical student on this sunny island - in her free time, she would either be exercising, watching random dance clips and Mukbangs on Youtube, or Netflixing.
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