Can You Tan Through Tights?

There are different answers and thoughts of people about this question. Can you tan through tights? The answer is, yes, you can, but probably not to the same extent.

can you tan through tights

You can tan through the t-shirt as well. If you are wearing thin tights, it will hardly make any difference to your tanning. Tanning through tights depends on if your tights block UV, then you can’t tan. On the other hand, if tights don’t block UV, then you can tan. So in this article, you will find out all the questions related to tanning. 

Do Thin Tights Prevent Tanning?

If you are talking about thin nylon tights, then they don’t prevent tanning. You get tanned by sunlight, not the heat so, if a little bit light can see through your tights, you can tan. So, thin tights don’t prevent tanning. 

Can You Tan Through Black Tights?

Yes, of course, you can. You can even tan through a t-shirt. So, thin tights will never prevent tanning.

Sunburn / Tanning Myths Exposed 

We are about to enter the summer season shortly, so it means lots of people will expose themselves to the sun’s rays and tanning beds for the next couple of months. However, there are lots of misconceptions about tanning and sunburns that will be exposed in this article. So, let’s have a look at some of these misconceptions one by one:

  • Can you tan through a window?
  • Did you ever notice that you can get tan or sunburn through a window? A window just acts as a sunscreen, and it is not meant to block UV radiation. However, it blocks the most dangerous wavelengths of UV radiation. Glass window absorbs only short UV light, but it only passes 350 to 400-nanometer ultraviolets. This longer wavelength UV is more dangerous than the short UV light, and it can burn or tan if you get enough exposure to it. You will burn more quickly when the window is down. Chances of sunburn are less when you are directly exposed to the sun, and the window is up. 

  • Can tan prevent you from sunburn?
  • It is thought that tan prevents sunburn. The reality is tan results from the body itself when the body defends itself against further damage from UV radiation. A tan protects your body from the sun, but a tan over white screen acts only about SPF 4 sunscreen. A tan looks beautiful, but it never means that the skin is healthier than the non-tanned skin. As time progresses the sunburns result in wrinkles, skin cancer, and leathery skin. When you expose yourself to the sun by lying on tanning beds for several years, then you may end up damaging your skin badly. 

  • Can the cool skin sunburn quickly or not?
  • Another misconception about the sunburn is, when skin feels cool, it will not burn as quickly as it would normally do. Although cool breeze, lower temperature, and swimming will make the skin feel comfortable, but mind that it is still getting the same amount of UV radiation. Some people don’t feel hot, so they tend to stay in the sun for a long time. When they go inside, then they realize that they have overexposed themselves. 

  • Can taking breaks reduce the sunburns? 
  • It is another misconception about the sunburns. Sunburn’s exposures are cumulative throughout the day. So, it is wrong that taking breaks can reduce sunburns. 

  • Can you get sunburn on a cloudy day as quickly as on a sunny day?
  • No, it is yet another misconception about sunburns. When the overcast is a rainy day, the amount of UV radiation reaching the earth is significantly reduced. In case of partly cloudy conditions, it will not reduce the risk of sunburn as much as people think. When people see cloud cover, they tend to stay outside for longer periods of time. There is a possibility that there might be reduced radiations reaching the earth, but long exposure can still result in sunburns. 


    Can you tan through tights? Yes, you can. You can even tan through a t-shirt. 

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