Can You Tap Dance On Concrete and Dance Floor Comparison

The best tap dance floor should be resonant and resilient. A resilient floor can withstand shocks without causing damaging to underneath’s floor, while a resonant floor can produce deep sound tones. 

How the resonance and resilience of floors can be determined? It is determined by which material is the floor made of and what is underneath the floor. In summary, the below table shows the best dance floor for tap dancing

Dance Flooring Pros Cons


Acceptable Sound only

Damage Feet Greatly


Less Damaging

Best Sound


Might have concrete underneath

Vinyl Good Sound

Very Slippery when wet with sweat

Newer vinyl tiles can last around 10 years


Good Sound

Not durable at all

Can You Tap Dance On Concrete Floor?

Dance Cement

Can you tap dance on concrete? Yes, you can. But it will affect you in the long run. You will be spending too much money on surgical operations. 

Dancing on a very hard surface might produce a good sound, but it causes damage to feet, legs, and ankles. It is considered to be the most unsafe dance floor, and sometimes it may damage your tap shoes as well. 

Can You Tap Dance On Hardwood Floors?

Yes, you can. In fact, the best floor for tap dance is the hardwood floor. Such floors are made up of oak or maple. The chances of damage are fewer as compared to those floors that are made up of softwood like pine. A perfect hardwood dance floor is made of maple because it doesn’t require a sealer to protect it from warping and water damage. You can’t ignore the surface that is underneath the floor on which you are tapping. 

Hardwood Floor

If the tapping sound is not resonant and the pitch between heels and toes doesn’t vary, then the chances are you are dancing on concrete. A subfloor made of concrete can result in causing injuries to your knees, legs, and back. So the best and the safest floor to dance is a hardwood floor that contains air underneath it; it is known as a spring floor. It is created by joining floor beams that are kept at a distance apart and by using spring coils. A spring floor vibrates more, and the sound produced will be more resonant. 

Can You Tap Dance On Vinyl Flooring?

Yes, you can tap dance on vinyl flooring. In fact, vinyl flooring produces a good tap sound. But sometimes such flooring can be slippery. However, if you want to be safe and also want good sound, then try Marley vinyl. One thing should be in your mind that all the vinyl floorings don’t give you the best tap sound, so look for vinyl stability and strength before buying vinyl floors. Again, it might be overlaid on concrete or other surfaces.

Vinyl Flooring

Can You Tap Dance On Laminate Flooring?

Yes, you can tap dance on laminate flooring. You can dance on the plywood floor, and it must have topped with laminate flooring. If you want to practice tap dance at home, make sure that you have a proper dance floor.

A simple instant tap floor sheet is made of plywood that you can buy from a lumber or hardware store. It would be better to buy a sheet that is half-inch thick. You can use glue foam interlocking mats on the inner side of the plywood. The purpose of the foam is to prevent the plywood from sliding, and it will prevent tap dancers from knee and feet injuries. 

Vinyl Dance Floor

What to Consider While Selecting Floor for Tap Dancing?

When you want to purchase flooring for tap dance, consider the following factors:

  • Sound
  • Sound is the key to tap dancing. Whatever floor you choose for practicing tap dance at home, make sure that reverberating and sharp sound that you can easily clear. A flooring surface should be hard enough to produce the classic tap sound that you want to hear. When you choose a portable dance floor, make sure that it will create plenty of sounds, especially when you are wearing tap shoes. The sound shouldn’t be faded and hollow. If you have flooring material with a sharp sound, you can enjoy tapping for years. 

  • Durability
  • Your tap floor must have long-lasting durability. Tap shoes are hard so, they can easily damage the flooring surface. The tapping is rapid and repeated over and over again, so immediate wear and tear are expected. So, whenever you are looking for a tap mat, make sure that it is made of high-quality material and it is strong and durable. It is better to choose products that have some warranty. It will ensure that the product is long-lasting. 

  • Portability
  • You may be performing tap dancing at school, church, home, or any other location you never know where to perform. So, the portability of tap floors becomes very crucial. Portable doesn’t mean that it should be only removable; it should be lightweight and can be easily assembled and disassemble the tap floor. Make sure that it can be easily set up and doesn’t require tapes, special connections, and adhesives. 

  • Size
  • The right size is a crucial factor to consider. The right size depends on your needs. For a portable dance floor, size should be small. However, you can also purchase multiple tap floors to create a vast space. It is recommended to have wide space if you have a permanent dance floor as the dance studios have. 

  • Ease of Storage
  • If you have placed the tap floor at a temporary place and you want to disassemble it, then make sure that it can be easily stored in any place. You might have to carry it to the school bus, cars, or vans, so it is important that it can be easily fitted in small spaces. You can find tap flooring in tiles forms so that you can take them off and store them in different positions. 

  • Price
  • While purchasing a tap floor, take all the factors into consideration. Never pay attention only to price. You should buy a quality product that should be in your budget and can be used for a long time. Have a close look at the price and see whether it offers everything you need or not? Some tap floors have a corner and edging connectors, so ask a few questions from the seller. Will this tap floor need a subsurface? Will it require extra protection? So, if you are satisfied with the answers and the product is in your budget, then you can buy that tap floor. 


    If you are interested in starting a tap class, the dancing floor is as crucial as the tap-dancing shoes are. 

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