Easiest Ballroom Dance to Learn for Beginners

Those days are gone when it wasn’t very easy to learn dancing. Nowadays you can learn to dance for any special occasion. Latin and ballroom dance lessons help maintain shape and make new friends.

Easiest Ballroom Dances for Beginners

One more thing associated with dance is that dancing is fun. There are lots of dance types that you can learn. In this article, we will try to write down the easiest dances to learn. These dances are not only easy to learn but also perfect for any special occasion such as parties, weddings, and dates. 

Easiest Ballroom Dances to Learn For Beginners

Currently, there are so many dance types that are in practice. Some of the dance types are very difficult because of complicated sequences, a higher number of steps, and faster tempos and beats. So, for beginners, it is important to start with the easiest ballroom dance. Below-given are the easiest dances to learn:

  • Waltz
  • Waltz is considered the most well-known and graceful ballroom dance. There are lots of things that make this dance distinctive from others, such as timing, free-flowing style, and rise and fall. For a beginner, knowing waltz can be impressive and easy. This smooth dance only involves four steps. 

  • Foxtrot
  • It is the perfect example of old Hollywood, Ginger Rogers, and Fred Astaire. It can compete for any of the classical dances as well. This dance is distinctive because of its slow-slow and quick-quick tempo style. This dance is easy to learn for beginners and looks fantastic if it is performed correctly. Although it is simple to learn still involves lots of fun. 

  • Swing
  • It is a perfect dance to attract an audience. It contains lots of speed options. Swing is distinctive from other dances by the variety of kicks, spins, and other tricks. It is a fun dance. It is also the best dance for a workout.  It is also called Lindy Hop, and it is said to be the father of all swing dances. What makes this dance special? The specialty of this dance is the twists, aerial jumps, and flips. Lots of core strength is required for some moves so, if you are athletic, it can be your plus point. 

  • Rumba
  • This Latin dance is considered as the king of romantic and sensual dance. This dancing style involves, quick-quick and slow-quick hip movements that make it unique and different from the others. It is must learn and easy dance for beginners to learn. This sizzling 4/4 beat music dance style can be perfect for foreplay with your partner. 

  • Cha-Cha
  • This rhythmic dance is performed on specific beats. There are distinctive rhythms for Cha-Cha dance. In this dance, a quick “cha-cha-cha” step is involved that provides this fantastic dance its characteristic look. It is considered the flirtatious dance. People love to enjoy this amazing dance. This dance is performed with passion and energy. It is a partner dance and in this dance both the partners must synchronize their moves with poise and grace. 

  • Jive
  • This dance style originated from African-American. It is a form of swing dance and variation of the jitterbug. It is also an easy dance to learn for a newbie. 

  • Mambo 
  • This ballroom dance is emotional and passionate. It is one of the sensual dances, and everything will be on display, such as sync with your partner, hip movements, facial expressions, and arm movements. Being a newbie, you would love to learn this dance. 

  • Pasodoble
  • This dance was originated from Southern France. It is considered the liveliest dance. This dance takes inspiration from the bullfight. The fact is, music used in a bullfight is the same used for this particular dance style. 

  • Tango
  • Tango dance was originated from Argentina. It is also the sensual dance, and currently, there are lots of variations of tango. The Argentinian tango is considered to be the most sensual and original dance. 

  • Samba 
  • This dance is the best of all. Its specialty is it can be performed with a partner, or you can solo perform it. It is the most famous Brazilian Ballroom dance. Another good thing about this dance is no age restriction. Both the old and young can perform this fast-paced rhythmic dance. So, it is not only ideal for young students, but older people can also learn and perform this dance. 

    Summary of the Easiest Dances to Learn

    Now, you are familiar with the best dances around the world. Let’s make it more simple and narrow down this list. Some dances are easy to learn and practice and can help you to make famous dancer in no time. The five easiest and best dances to learn are:

    1. Waltz
    2. Swing
    3. Rumba
    4. Foxtrot
    5. Cha-Cha

    Most of the steps in these dances are basic and common, so that’s why these dances are considered to be beginner-friendly. Movements in these dances are not highly complicated, so you can easily master the fundamentals of ballroom dancing. So if you are confused and not sure about which dance to learn first, start with the waltz and then move forward. Waltz has only four steps, and in this smooth dance, you will only have to slide and glide your partner across the dancing floor. 


    After learning about different dance styles, you can make your mind about which dance to learn first. Ballroom dance involves various movements from other dances as well. So, if you can master these dances, you can easily learn the most technical and difficult dances as well. There is nothing easy or difficult, and it’s all about passion, energy, and interest. As long as you are willing to learn, you can master these dances in a very short time. 

    Another easy and best way to learn dance is to dance often and do it with different partners. You can’t ignore the role of the community in learning dance. For beginners, the swing and waltz should be the go-to dance, and after learning these moves to the rest of the dances.  

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