Easy K-pop Dances to Lose Weight

We all know the numerous health benefits from exercising such as improving our health and appearance, however, most of us would opt to procrastinate as the idea of getting up early for a run seems daunting.

But who says exercising has to be limited to hitting the gym or going for a run? It can branch out to all sorts of activities such as swimming or even dancing! If you are a K-pop fan who dreads exercise, these 10 k-pop dances are your ticket to achieving your dream body.

If you just wish to listen to all 10 to start your workout, just play from the below video playlist.

If not, read on for the list of 10 easy K-pop dances that will help you lose weight!

Sadly, most of the videos are now restricted to Youtube only. We created the below playlist of the 10 videos for you to binge watch at Youtube easily as it will autoplay automatically when one ends.



  1. BLACKPINK as if it’s your last


BLACKPINK’s “As if it’s your last is an upbeat and light-hearted song that has numerous lower-body steps that target mostly the waist and thighs. This song has a relatively simple choreography with a good mix of both arm and lower body movements along with relatively light steps to make the dance have a seemingly better flow.

  1. Itzy Icy


Get your whole body moving with Itzy’s ICY and you’ll see yourself not only getting fitter but dancing like a pro! ICY is a peppy, high energy song with a ton of memorable moments for easy muscle memory. 

It’s a full-body workout that leaves none of your muscle groups out, you get a chance to work your thighs, abs, and arms! While this song has minimal jumping, the chorus will work your whole body giving you a good workout!

  1. MomoLand BAAM


If you’re looking to work your lower abdominal muscles, look no further. Momoland's hit song: BAAM is what the doctor ordered! It’s another peppy high energy song that will keep you on your feet at all times. The choreography has numerous leg movements and works not only your abdominal muscles but your thighs as well with the chorus’s leg shuffle and hip lifts.

While there aren’t too many tedious steps to remember, do take note to stretch before dancing as your lower back may hurt!

  1. Everglow Dun Dun  


If you’re looking for something to make you sweat more, Everglow’s Dun Dun is here to give you a challenge. The song is bold and has a memorable chorus and choreography, it also works the whole body, resembling a cardio workout.

You will need to put in a lot of energy and work your core for the body roll in the chorus, which also acts as a great way for working your abdominal muscles. All in all, this song not only makes you look good, but you can also have fun along the way learning the choreography.

  1. Gidle Uh Oh


Gidle’s Uh Oh is a Hip Hop based song that works every section of your abdominal muscles. It’s another song that requires high energy as there are several parts of the song that includes jumping and requires you to work your whole body.

While this song isn’t too fast-paced, there are memorable parts that make it easier for you to learn the choreography. It also has some leg movements that require a bit of stamina for jumping and squatting, giving you the ultimate workout.

  1. BTS Mic Drop


I’m sure you’ve heard of this well-known track before. BTS Mic Drop is a Hip Hop based track that will work your arms and core. You’ll need all your energy to execute the moves while managing your arm and leg coordination. The choreography for the chorus requires you to use every part of your body, arms? Check. Legs? Check. Abdominal muscles? Check.

Other than that, BTS Mic Drop is a lively song to dance to and can be used as a great workout with friends as well!

  1. TWICE Cheer Up


Cheer Up by Twice has a cute and cheerful melody that is great for a warm-up. Unlike the other songs on the list, this track is light-hearted and doesn’t require you to exert all your strength and go into overdrive. There is minimal jumping and is good to stretch your waist while you’re at it, the choreography itself is easy and you’ll find yourself happily bouncing to this tune while getting some light exercise.

  1. Baekhyun Candy


My personal favorite on this list is Baekhyun’s latest track Candy. The choreography is as sweet as the title itself and is a great option if you’re looking to work out with a friend or partner. Candy doesn’t have many complex leg movements, but it’s a song that has body rolling which will require you to work your core to execute it.

Even if you’re not looking to lose weight, Candy is a great track to just dance and have a great time with your friends or yourself!

  1. SNSD I Got A Boy


An oldie but goodie, SNSD’s I got a boy is a lively high energy song that can give you a good workout. A classic track that’s great with beginners, I got a boy has relatively easy choreography that features mesmerizing moves that promise to flex your abdominal muscles, especially your upper abs. Not only is this song catchy, but it also has a chorus that will have you singing it for days.

  1. Big Bang Bang Bang Bang


And this is where I nearly threw in my towel, I’m at my limit when trying to dance to Big Bang’s Bang Bang Bang. Like many of Big Bang’s songs, Bang Bang Bang is a techno song that provides your legs a challenge. Prepare to end your workout with a “bang” with this song and get ready to work your legs to high heavens with numerous quick stomping movements. Be sure to give it your all and hit every move for maximum impact as well!

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Author: Hazel
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