History of Broadway dance

Broadway is a place where a lot of theaters were present. So, the dance performed at Broadway theaters was highly professional. The dancers train themselves for years and then they perform in front of the audience.

Facts about dance

Some of the interesting facts about the history of the dance are as follow:

  • The very first archeological proof ode dance is the 9000-year-old painting found in India.
  • The Egyptians used dancing for both entertainment and religion.
  • The dancing was used to tell the stories of ancient myths and gods. The priests used dancing as a mode of communication to guide the people.
  • The dance was an essential part of many Greek and Roman religious ceremonies.
  • In the European history of dancing, it is a common belief that many dancers were widespread among the common and wealthy class.

What is Broadway dance?

Broadway Theatre

The combination of ballet, jazz and modern dance styles performed in theaters is called Broadway dance. This dance is a special amalgam of different dances. This dance was made famous by many of the dancers worldwide. This dance has its history joined with the Broadway Theater because it was the first time dance used in the play.

Broadway Dance Center

The fusion of different dance styles and the unconventional movements of the body parts made the people around the globe to visit Broadway Dance Center. The Broadway dancers are actors and singers also. This dance is a blend of acting and singing.

Origin of Broadway dance

Human performs different dances even before the arrival of written language. The findings in India which were 9000 years old and the paintings found in Egypt were 5300 years old.

Broadway 1800s

These things were related to dancing. The street running to the length of Manhattan in New York City is Broadway. It is associated with American theatrical activities since 1735.

In 1735 the first theatre opened on this street. By the end of the 20th century, the word Broadway is used to refer to the theatrical district of the city. There are many theaters each having seats up to 500 or more. These theatres are mostly run to earn a profit.

First Broadway dance 

Theatre in New York moved from downtown to midtown around 1850. This was done because of less expensive real estate. The first theatre piece that consists of dance with music was The Black Crook.

 The Black Crook

The dance in this play was used to tell the story. It was presented in New York on September 12, 1866. It was a five and a half long production. Instead of its length, it was viewed 474 times. It had record-breaking performances. The Black Domino/ Between You, Me and the Post, were the first musical comedy show that year.

Broadway Dance Center

The Broadway Dance Center was founded in 1984. It is located on West 45th Street west of Times Square in NYC. This is one of the first dancing training school in the world. This dancing center offers 200 classes a week. Some of the famous choreographers who have played a great role in the uplifting the Broadway Dance Center are:

  • Michael Bennett
  • Bob Fosse (see below)
  • Jerome Robbins

Photo of Bob Fosse

These three had enhanced the beauty of the stage and many dancers were attractive to Broadway Street to perform under their supervision. Some of the dance teachers who trained the dancers to become versatile were:

  • Luigi
  • Charles Kelley
  • Jamie Rogers
  • Henry LeTang
  • Phil Black
  • David Howard
  • Frank Hatchett

These teachers combine with the best choreographers have made dancing a good activity. They told the dancers different techniques of expressing their emotions. They are the forefathers of dancing in Broadway Street.

Role of Richard Ellner

Richard Ellner was a businessman in NYC. He took his first class at the age of 52. He was a great fan of Broadway musicals. He was a student of Frank Hatchett. He went to the studio named Hines-Hatchett. That studio was co-owned by Hatchett and Maurice Hines. 

In the 1980s the Hines-Hachette studio was a small dancing studio-like different studios around the city. In 1984 Ellner became the owner of the studio and named it Broadway Dance Center. This studio provided a new home for teachers and students. That studio then became a versatile studio. Every teacher was encouraged to teach his style. Many students love to join the studio because they can easily practice different dances under one roof.

Progress of Broadway Dance Center

After 1984, in the early years, many famous teachers joined the studio. This made the students all around the world to come and learn dancing on Broadway Street. Ellner was a dance lover. He shared the joy of dancing with everyone. He loved to teach juniors and taught by professionals. The new teachers and students made a solidified community in the studio. This increased the worth of the dance practice and Broadway. 

In the next fifteen years, the studio was changed into a three-story building. It was now a proper dance business school. This creative school turned into a more spacious and furnished school under the supervision of Ellner. His daughter Allison also came to Broadway Dance Center and they worked together and formed a strong partnership. Broadway Dance Center expanded to seven studios on the 45th Street. It now offers 350 ‘drop-in’ dance classes per week of different dances. These classes are for dancers over the age of 13 years. 

The form of art that is created by the sequence of human motion and praised by the observers and performers is known as dance. Dance can be performed to serve social, martial or ceremonial functions. The two major types of dance are theatrical dance and social dance. Theatrical dance is a dance where a dancer performs in front of an audience. A social dance is performed in groups to encourage anyone. The dance is like freedom. It can have predefined choreography depending on the culture. The theatrical dance requires more elaborate choreography, planning, and scenery. This is a professional dancer. 

Broadway Dance
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