History of Hip Hop

What is hip hop?

It is a famous genre of popular music. It was developed in the US by African American and Latino Americans. It is based on rhythmic music accompanied by rapping. It has also become a part of hip hop culture. It refers to the rap music though rapping is not a necessary component of hip hop music. Some elements of hip hop dance include DJing, turntablism, scratching and beatboxing.

Hip Hop

Who created hip hop?

An 18 years old boy who went by the name of Kool Herc threw a back to school jam. On the evening of 1973, he decides to do something different. He did not play the song completely, he decided to play the music of different songs back to back. In between the breaks of the songs his friend Coke La Rock intensified the emotions of the crowd. This way hip hop music was founded.

Elements of hip hop formation:

The foundational elements of hip hop are:


It was used to create music. It was based on the manipulation of sounds. It involves innovative breaks and isolation. Its founder was Kool DJ Herc. It was founded in the 1970s. Grand Master Flash added ingenious rhymes and hip hop came into the spotlight.

Kool DJ Herc


I represented the social conditions of the time. It is a form of verbal acrobatics. It was derived from ancient African culture and oral traditions. The element of rapping removed the veil that isolated wider culture from the social conditions of urban populations. The rapid-fire wordplay gave new rise to the urban narrative. It spoke the true stories that were not being told.


It is described as poetry in motion. It is influenced by gymnastics and martial arts. It brought innovative waves in the hip hop culture. It was made popular by Shaka Zulu Kings and the Rock Steady Crew.

Where hip hop was found?

Hip hop was created brick by brick by the DJs in the Bronx. The conditions were very bleak for the hip hop singers. They used to practice at deteriorating places. Some abandoned buildings were their home to train themselves. Many DJs used to fool around the music at home. They used to try and mix different records.

Bronx DJ

After the foundation being laid by Kool Herc, he invented new techniques for breaks and breakbeats. At first, he would just drop the needle and remove it from time to time.

Six elements of the hip hop movement:

 These elements are:

  • Consciousness awareness
  • Civil rights awareness
  • Activism awareness
  • Justice awareness
  • Political awareness
  • Community awareness

The origin of the name hip hop:

Keith Wiggins, who is a member of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five is credited for the coining of the term hip hop. In 1978 he was just teasing a friend who joined the army. He started singing with makeup words “hip-hop/ hip- hop”. He mimicked the rhythmic cadence of marching soldiers. He later used this term hip hop on stage. Originally it was in the sense of disrespect and soon it came to be the identity of new music and culture.

Hip hop is mainstream:

In 1979 the hip hop music became the mainstream genre. Mainly controversial gangster rap made the hip hop famous. The playback of using hard funk and rock were the basis of hip hop. Herc used the breaks of funk songs. The announcement of Campbell leads to syncopated rhymes which is known as rapping. He would call his dancers break boys and break girls or b-boys and B-girls. This breaking was also referred to as street slang as getting excited.

Effect of hip hop:

The house parties of DJ Kool were now shifted towards the parks and outdoor venues. The followers of hip hop were in great number and to accommodate them Herc had to move his parties outdoor. This way the hip hop music got integrated with many other people. Hip hop music became the outlet of emotions for many black citizens. They expressed their feelings and emotions with the help of this music. This music saved the lives of many boys. They were suppressed and felt angry. His way they communicated with others in a nonviolent way.

The focus of hip hop:

In the early days, lyrical content focused on social issues. The most popular track of 1982 The Message got the attention of many listeners. In the 1980s and 1990s, many young African Americans participated in the civil rights movement. They chose the platform of hip hop music to show the limitations of the movement. Hip hop music worked as an outlet for African Americans. It was vigorously opposed because it romanticizes violence and law-breaking.

The era of 1980s:

In 1980 the first certified gold rap song released by Kurtis Blow. In 1982 an electro-funk track Planet Rock was released. It was highly regarded as a turning point for both hip hop and electro. Many other groundbreaking records were released in 1982. With the graffiti art, MCing DJing and hip hop became dominant for the minority in urban communities. The video on the songs also changed. They used to glorify urban neighborhoods. Later they started to showcase hip hop musicians, graffiti, etc. in 1984 the culture of hip hop spread worldwide.

Modern hip hop:

Today the industry of hip hop is still growing strong. Several artists who started in the 80s and 90s are prolific. Some of them are Eminem, fifty-cent, Akon. Hip hop emerged in reaction to the violence over African Americans. The hip is considered a therapeutic tool for young people. It is the most comfortable style for them. It is easy for the therapist to access the inner feelings of the young. It is not a cure but it has significance in the life of many people. It urges the need for justice, tolerance, and equity in society. It is one of the most important sources of entertainment for the world today.

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