Is dancing forbidden in Islam?

In historical times, dancing is unacceptable in Islam. In modern days there has been a great change in the thought process of Muslims. They are tilting towards accepting dancing more.

Muslim Dancing

Many people believed that singing and dancing are forbidden in Islam. Haram is the term used for forbidden deeds. Many people are set on the belief that the use of music and dancing is haram.

It’s debatable to say what is true and what's not. Many Muslims believe that this is not a haram thing to do but on the other hand, there have been many soul-shattering incidents relating to dancing.


Islam is the religion of peace. Never did Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W put any one’s life at risk. The Prophet always spread the teachings of Islam with kindness.

He practiced the teachings which allowed Muslims to be kind and loving towards everyone. It is not hidden from the world how the Prophet Muhammad spent his life with principles and rules. He told everyone how to spend their life with equilibrium. He mentioned every detail of what is wrong and what is right. Muslims gathered and learned the good and bad from the Prophet

Dancing is something that has been in the great debate around the world. Some people do not mind listening to music and dancing. They have their views on this matter. On the other hand, many men are very strict in this matter. They do not allow singing and dancing at all.

A small incident

It is said that once Prophet Muhammad was going somewhere with his wife Ayesha and some companions. On the way, they heard some sound coming.

When they reached the place they found a group of Abyssinian Christians performing some dance and singing within their church. Prophet Muhammad and his wife listened to the songs. Those songs were simple and the instrument was just duff. At that time it was seen that the Prophet did not condemn the deed. He did not ask to stop.

Welcome celebration

Prophet Muhammad was forced to leave his city Makkah with all his followers. He migrated to the city of Medina. When they reached the destination everyone welcomed him with love. The people of Medina were called Ansari.

All Ansari were very happy and they greeted all the Muslims with love. They sang a beautiful song to welcome the migrants. All Ansari were chanting the lines with love and excitement. At that time Prophet did not make them stop. He did not ask them to stay away from this music and song.  

Dancing Malays

Concept of the extremist

It is seen that there are different sects in Islam. All the sects vary from each other on different levels. It is seen that some of the sects promote extremism. In these sects, people do not allow a little tilt towards dancing.

They do not dance and neither have they allowed others to do so. In 2012 Taliban had beheaded 17 Muslims in the alleged crime of dancing. There have been many instances in Muslim countries where people do not allow to dance. There have been grave consequences to it. These extremists do not allow any kind of dance. They do not show any leniency towards haram deed. To them, it is a matter of obedience. If someone does not perform along he or she has to face consequences.

Why is dancing regarded as haram?

There are some factors that Muslims take into consideration when defining something halal or haram.

  • If the Prophet practiced something it is halal. The life of the Prophet is the guideline to follow. If there is something that Prophet did not perform himself then it is haram. But there is also a debate between the sects if it is a good parameter. Because Prophet did not perform such deed but he did not condemn it either. 
  • According to the view of some Muslims dancing itself is not forbidden it is how a person is dancing. Sometimes a person dances with joy in his or her privacy, it can be considered as okay but dancing with other men and women with compromising conditions is haram. 
  • Dancing with different gender will promote lust and sexual arousal. Such feelings are haram for some stranger. Every man and woman has to have these feelings for his partner only. Other than the partner having these feelings for some unknown person is haram
  • If a woman is dancing in front of other men in short clothing and showing off her body and moves, this is highly forbidden in Islam. 

Conditions on why it is not forbidden and comply to Halal

There are some points you need to ponder over before deciding the condition of dancing.

  • Prophet never condemned this act.
  • There is no such ayah is Quran ( the Holy Book of Muslims)
  • A dance that was gender-specific or have minimal contact. i.e. A male group can dance together and females can dance together. There should not be the mixing of gender during dances.
  • The clothing needs to be appropriate

Halal dancing

There is a physical meditation among the Sufi followers. They tend to absorb the energy and get in the flow without having any idea. The moves they make is whirling at one point. It is seen that what they do is halal. They perform in seclusion or crowd but the reason behind is the strong bond with Allah. They focus on God and they receive the light in their hearts which tends to make them move in ecstasy. 

In the end, it is safe to say that you cannot categorize dancing strictly as haram. Certain conditions bend it a little towards halal. Many practitioners of religion believe this matter to reside in the grey area. They do not want to touch it. It is highly restricted to stay in the zone and avoid the grey area.

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