Should I be okay with my girlfriend dancing with guys when she goes out to the bars with her friend?

Liberty is a good thing but one should not break one’s partner’s trust in a relationship. If a girl cannot change her hanging out habit with other boys in the presence of a boyfriend then she should not be involved in a serious relationship because it is really difficult for a guy to see her girlfriend dancing and doing a party with other boys.

Things to avoid

In every relation, there are some grounds on which they make a strong relation. Those grounds can be different depending upon your partner. Here are some of the mistakes that you should avoid to keep your relationship strong.

  • Do not make fun of each other in front of others. It seems to be fun when you are with your friends but doing so can create a gap between you two.
  • Do not hold your bad feelings. It is a good thing to communicate and talk about your feelings with your partner
  • Do not try and change each other. You can't change each other abruptly. This thing takes time and there is a need for love and care for this to happen. You cannot force anyone to change. 
  • Don’t be overly critical. It is not a good habit to criticize everything your partner does it will create a huge gap between you. No one is indeed perfect and you need to accept this reality.
  • No matter how liberal your girl seems, do not hang out with other girls.  

Love relationship

Love is something special and adorable. We do not feel it at once. It takes a long period to evolve. It holds when you come to know all inside out of a person. It is a strong feeling of attraction. It is a base-feeling of every relation. Without love the relation gets bored.


It takes lots of effort to weave the cloth of love through the threads of trust and sincerity. Love demands generosity. When we give pleasure to someone it gives us pleasure too. With love, we come to know the emotional state of others. We have to accommodate the needs and desires of others. Love shows the path of kindness and respect. It diminishes the feeling of loneliness. We feel someone close to us all the time. We feel like seen and heard. The presence of your partner will make you a better person altogether. 

Teen Dance

Possession in a relationship 

Possession refers to controlling a person. It is like a cage. A love relationship does not demand possession. It is a game of trust. To be with someone requires to trust her completely. There comes a feeling of insecurity and jealousy. You should not be checking your partner’s phone every day or asking about the location. The foundation of lovelies upon trust and commitment. No relation can survive without trust. To progress in your relationship you need to open up with your partner. You need to share with her the things you like and don’t. You have to bare your soul for her and take your partner deep inside you. You have to develop faith and tell her when you feel vulnerable. Through possession, you just have to win the argument but love desires to win the relation. So, you cannot find happiness in possession. 

Liberty to go to bars

It is not the meaning of liberty that a girl may not notice her lifestyle. When you are in a committed relationship, many aspects are about to change. You have to consider all the consequences before taking any step. If you are allowed to go out with your friends and enjoy some space. It does not give you the right to exploit your partner’s trust. 

Dancing with other boys. Is it good or not?

In many instances there comes a moment when at a party a boy asks you for a dance. Though your partner may seem good with this. He doesn't need to be always like this. Man has a possessive nature. He does not like his women going around having such moments with other men. A real man wants all of his girl’s feelings and emotions associated with him only. Ask yourself if this will give what you want? Sometimes a girl does not say no just because of the peer pressure but you have to come out of that and stay strong for your relationship. 


What grounds can make your relationship strong?

There are certain things you need to take into account for your relationship to last.

  • Do not blame each other. Everybody makes mistakes. You need to be brave enough to come up and accept your mistake.
  • Making an assumption is not a good strategy in relationships. Many times when you sit alone, you might think of something and wish your partner will guess it and give it to you but this does not happen. Not in the real world. You need to share your desires and wishes to get them fulfilled.
  • Do not enable your partner wrongfully. If you want some bad habits of your partner to change just stop promoting them. Don’t laugh at mean jokes, do not lend extra money for instance. There can be different cases but taking this step can help a lot in your relation.
  • Do not do something that will break your heart if your partner did it to you. You might think your partner will never know but there will be a time, as it always happens, your partner will know about this.
  • Know the essence of your love and your limits. This will keep you closer to your partner. 
  • Do not participate in something foolish to tease your partner. Girls do not like their men to move around foolishly. They prefer maturity and being in the limits. 
  • If your partner does not want you to meet a friend or any person. You should think about it and instead of going around back think about your feelings if the same happened to you.

Bottom line


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