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Here is our list of top-notch dance studios in Singapore

dance studios in Singapore

  1. Bolly dancing studio

It is an Indian dance academy. From the reviews of the clients, it seems it has a good repute. It is highly recommended in the market. It offers authentic Bollywood dance classes and Zumba classes. They provide a full cardio Zumba class. 

  1. Denz people

It was founded in 2008. It is a premier dance studio. It provides skill shaping from beginners to masters. Classes are available for kids and adults too. They are specialists in a variety of dance forms. They work on ballet jazz contemporary etc. 

  1. Step studio

It was created by a former star Stephanie Loh. She is a trained ballerina. Her studio offers a variety of dance classes. They have scheduled the classes and courses on the calendar online. They tach Broadway jazz, k-pop, and girls hip hop, etc. 

  1. En Motion studios

In Singapore, if you want to learn Latin dance then this studio is your destination. It is popular for its Latin dance classes. It was fund in 2004. Other classes offered by the school are street salsa, street cha, Merengue, Afro-Caribbean dance motion, and Tango. 

  1. Mosaic Dance

Have you ever seen those dance moves on your t.v and wished to dance like them? If so then this is your dream come true destination. They are expert in tango, New York salsa and west coast swing. All these forms can make you dance like a star. 

  1. O school

Fundamentally it was formed to support youth with their generate funds to help the youth and create job opportunities for them. 

  1. Dance factory

It is a full-on K-pop school. It provides classes on K- Street, K – jazz, K- urban and K- whack, etc. 

  1. Singapore dance academy

It is a highly recommended studio for ballet classes. They provide 4 levels of ballet. It is up to the client to choose as per its needs. It is a superb ballet school. It polishes and refines all the skills. 

  1. Tanglin arts studio

It is a special school for children who want to learn ballet. They take care of the children. They have qualified staff and they teach formal techniques in great ways. They support everyone is to shine in the light on stage.

  1. EV Dance

It is highly in demand. In the city, people prefer this over many others. If you love cardio and you are ready to sweat then this is your place. They teach many skills including K-pop, aerobic dancing, hip –hop, etc. 

Introduction of Dancing in Singapore

Dances in Singapore are of traditional value. They depict the lifestyle, culture, and tradition of the state. In Singapore, one can encounter diversity in a culture which can also be seen in the form of their dancing. With the passing time and the hold of the new generation, there has been a great danger of mixing the cultural dance with the western dancing style. There have been some instances where it was difficult to separate these two forms.

Famous dancing styles in Singapore

Singapore is indeed famous for its vibrant and rich culture. There has also been an influence from other Asian countries. It is inhabited by many other people like Indians, Malaysians, and Indonesians, etc. with this merging, there has been variety in culture. Some of the famous dancing styles include the following

  • Chinese dancing style: it is the most famous type in the country. They perform the Lon dance every year on New Year. The other form of dances is also performed there in different events.
  • Zapin dance form: it is the dance form of Malaysia. They have also accepted this form of dance. It is also a hit in most of the events.
  • Bharatanatyam and kathak: these are the traditional dance forms of India. They are customary in big events. There are many Indian dancing studios in Singapore. There they teach these forms of dances. They are specific to the region in India. Mostly the migrants in Singapore are Tamil. They still have a good knowledge of this form of dance
  • Peranakan dancing style: it is the blend of Malay and Chinese dance forms. It also has the influence of the west in the composition of its music.
  • Western Ballet: it has been a part of the dance forms in the country. It is a nontraditional contemporary dance form. It started in 1998 when the academy named Singapore dance theatre started this dance form.

Milestone of 1963

Singapore has seen a devastating history. After much effort, Singapore was ready for development. At last the first national theatre of Singapore was built in 1963. There they showcased the traditional dances for the people to learn and understand their culture.

Festival of dance

This is also known today as Singapore Art Festival. It was a project by the government for the youth to take part in traditional dancing. It was created to create new dance forms with the essence of a traditional dancing attitude. For some reason, it did not work out very well. 

Multi-ethnic dace show

This group displays the top 3 ethnicities and their cultural dances. They prepare the dances from Malays, India, and China. It presents the amalgam of three ethnicities. Those dances are unique and representative of their culture. The use of the golden umbrella in the show denotes a rich cultural heritage. 

Some people in Singapore love to dance. They take classes for better moves. Children learn and play when they dance. The kids have specific moves that will impress everyone and it is not harmful. It is the rich tradition and culture of Singapore that keeps everything together and everyone close. Many teaching studios are present. You can choose any dance type and any timing to enjoy dancing. The dance will take you in the depiction of the life of Singapore. It will show all the possibilities and colors spread around everyone. 

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Author: Sky Hoon
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