Things Every Dancer Wants

A dancer always wants a variety of strange things. These unmatched and strange things range from Pointe shoes to hairpins. In this article, you will find out the things every dancer wants.


Sometimes they don’t have money to buy these things for themselves so that you can gift such stuff to your dancer friends. The dancing bag is much like a plumbing bag; if a plumbing bag doesn’t have the right wrench, then it is useless. Similarly, if you don’t have all the dancing tools that you need, then you wouldn’t be able to give your best. 

10 Most Important Things Every Dancer Wants

To be successful in dancing, make sure that your dancing bag contains everything that will make you comfortable. Let’s have a look at some most important things every dance wants. 

  • Dance Bag
  • It is the first and most important thing for a dancer to have. A dancing bag can help you to store dancing shoes, outfits, hair accessories, water bottles, and each essential item.

    Dance Bag

    So, before leaving for a dance audition or dance class, spare some time to check your dancing bag. You can purchase a dancing bag made up of either fabric or paper grocery. For a professional dancer, the dancing bag might be bigger because it will have lot more things. It is recommended to use zipper bags so that you don’t have a risk of losing important things. 

  • Dance Shoes
  • When you appear for a dance audition, you must have a variety of shoes. You must keep tap or Pointe shoes along with your basic jazz sneakers and ballet slippers. You never know when you have to perform a special dance. So, every dancer wants to have extra dance shoes in his bag. If you are a female dancer, then always try to have shoes with a heel in your bag. 

  • Extra Tights And Warm-ups
  • In case of tear and excessive sweating, you need to have a pair of tights for backup. In dance studios and theaters, the temperature is unpredictable, so you need warm-up clothes that you can layer on top, and if not needed, you can easily remove them. 

    Extra Tights And Warm-ups

  • Hair Accessories 
  • As a dancer, you want your hair to be in place, and you don’t want them to interfere in dance movements. So to maintain a neat hairstyle, you need to have comb, hairbrush, hairpins, ties, and hairspray. A neat hairstyle can add to your professional look. When you have extra pins and ties, you can offer them to other dancers as well. Hair accessories are things every dancer wants. 

  • Towel
  • Dancing is not an easy job, and dancers sweat even in cold weather. When you are performing with a partner, you need to wipe sweat periodically because wet skin can create problems during lifting moves. So, always keep a towel or two in your dancing bag. 

  • Perfumes And Antiseptic Wipes
  • Sometimes, you don’t have time to take a shower because of busy class schedules and rehearsals, and you have to appear for an audition. So what will you do? A perfume or a body spray can make you feel and smell fresh. During the dance, when you have a minor cut or dirty hands, you can’t leave the studio or dancing stage, so you need to have antiseptic wipes. These are the much-needed things that every dancer wants to have in their dancing bag. 

  • Water Bottle And Makeup Bag
  • Dancers need to keep themselves hydrated during auditions and rehearsals. So they want to have a reusable water bottle that can be refilled. Avoid carrying glass bottles in your dancing bags because these bottles can break and can hurt you badly. Why is it important to have a makeup bag? Sometimes you will have to go for auditions straight after your rehearsal or dance class, or sometimes you will have to wait all day for your turn during dancing auditions. So when you have a makeup bag, you can reapply and enjoy a good and fresh look. These are the most important things every dancer wants. 

  • A Healthy Snack And Protein Bar
  • Dancing gurus recommend taking small amounts of food throughout the day. When you are not sure about your turn during auditions, or you are going to some place where you are not sure about the food options. So always keep a healthy snack in your dancing bag. For dancers, healthy snacks can be fruit and nuts. A protein bar can be helpful during those busy schedules when you don’t have time for a meal. So, these are the must-have food items for dancers. 

  • Reading Material And Notebook
  • You don’t want to use electronic devices all the time, especially when you are tired of texting; it is always good to have some reading material like a magazine with you. If you can keep dancing books, that can be the best thing. It is important to have a pen and notebook because you never know when you have to note down some important pieces of information. So these are the things every dancer wants. 

  • Tennis Ball And Hand Sanitizer
  • After dance class or dance audition, you are not going to the tennis court. Probably you don’t know the importance of a tennis ball. It can provide relief from cramps that you will have after a long day in the studio. Just roll the ball on the bottom of your foot and apply gentle pressure. You will notice that you are no longer in pain. Why do you need a hand sanitizer? Just think for a minute that how many people stand at the ballet barre on a given day or previously. I don’t think these barres are frequently cleaned. So, to keep yourself safe, keep a hand sanitizer in your bag. 


    So, the above mentioned are things every dancer wants. Some of the things are strange, but these are much needed. All these things can help you to keep yourself in shape and do your best. 

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    Author: Sky Hoon
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