What are some best dance performances you have ever seen?

Best dancing performance I have ever seen

I have seen many live dancing performances. The best performance must be engaging. Whenever I hear the word ‘dance’ the performance that clicks in my mind is of passionate people who were just 14 or 15 years old.

It was an annual day of a school. The school works with an NGO. The NGO has organized a dance performance of children of seven and eight classes. The boys were well dressed. The theme of the lighting contains all colors. The colorful lights on the golden costume of the performers have created great effects. The flexible bodies of the children and their rhythmic movements showed that they were highly trained dancers. But that was not the case. They had done a lot of hard work to get themselves ready. 

When the performance began the lights of the school auditorium were switched off. The children were lying on the stage in their golden costumes. The low music started and they all got up. The pace of the music was increasing slowly and the movements of the performers were also synchronized with the music. The steps performed by them were graceful. They were performing with such coordination that showed their teamwork. The choreography, light management and above all the lean and flexible bodies of the children made the performance heart-touching. All the viewers were shocked to see those little children performing such an act. Their performance made the audience to leave their seats and gave standing applause. The sound of ‘once more, once more’ was in the whole auditorium.

After the performance, a participant was asked about the training. He told me that the training was just one week and they are not professional dancers. It was shocking for me to know that they live in slums and study school in the morning. They did not have a proper place for dancing practice. What they have was an only skill and hard work which gave their performance a special place in the hearts of every viewer.

History of Dancing


The movement of the body in a rhythmic way is called dance. It is done usually on music and in a provided space to a dancer. The dancer expresses his ideas and emotions by releasing energy. It is simply feeling delightful in performing such activity. It is a skillful art. Dance is a channel that makes the spectators feel happy and start dancing with the music. Dance is a powerful impulse. It can also be a professional task performed in a great choreographed way. 

Dancing Leisurely

Skill and choreography are the two major parts of this activity. A good performance consists of both. One of the most basic purposes of dance is to express emotions. The way a dancer moves his body parts shows his hard work and love for his activity. He is not doing such skillful activity for the gain of wealth. He loves his activity and wants to be appreciated by the people. Dance does not consist of jumping or stamping movements but it also consists of a rhythmic set of movements. These movements are performed to express powerful emotions. Dances can be performed on many events. There are many functions on which a welcoming dance for the audience makes them feel happy.

Qualities of a good dance performance

A good dance performance only depends on the movements of the dancer. His body language and way of contact eyes with the audience will increase the worth of his performance. Certain characteristics make a dancing performance the best.

  • A good dancing performance must be rhythmic. The dancer must develop a sense of timing. A dancer mostly focuses on the next movement during the current one. In this way, he performs faster than music.
  • The lean, muscular body of the dancer will help him to make his performance the best one. The best performance is full of energy. The energy will come to the dancer if he is health-conscious. Remember that dancing is a muscular game.
  • The performance must be performed with full dedication and determination. The dancer must have a 100% commitment to his task. In this way, he can gain success. Confidence combined with the ability to remain focus is the key to success in the field of dancing. The dancer should have physical stamina.
  • The choreography matters a lot. So, the dancer must be trained by a professional teacher. His movements will be more prominent due to light effects. The background and theme of the stage should be according to the music. The dancer must show a professional approach. The dancer should know that he will be praised if his performance will be good.
  • The dance should be performed with discipline. In this case, discipline means that the movements must be accordingly planned. The opening steps matter a lot. When a dancer enters the stage all the viewers are paying attention. Now it is up to the dancer to perform well to gain more attention from the audience. 

Dance with a dancer

Many people dance for the pleasure of exciting their bodies. The best performance is the performance which makes the audience dance with you. it can only be achieved if the dancers are sincere with their performance and love their dance. These types of performances require skill and hard work. The performance of the children mentioned above is a great example of their struggle and hard work. A good dancer never performs for himself he performs for the audience. 

Bottom line

Dancing is an art. A dancer loves to dance to impress the people. You should try to appreciate every dancer. The work he has done requires great hard work and your opinion can be fruitful for him. He can gain experience from your advice and can become a good dancer.

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Author: Sky Hoon
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