What Are The Hardest K-pop Dances To Learn

The K-pop world features some of the most dynamic choreographies worldwide.

Not only are the choreographies designed to make you exclaim: “WOW!”, they never fail to shine the spotlight on the performers.

These choreographies are so challenging that will make you wonder how in the world can anyone execute them and if it is even remotely possible to perfect the dance?

Let’s take a look at 10 of the most physically demanding choreographies in the K-pop industry.

  1. SEVENTEEN – Don’t wanna cry

Seventeen’s Don’t wanna cry has a ton of jumping in its choreography, so core strength is required or else it’ll look half-assed and sloppy. This song might pose a challenge to beginners and to those who have trouble popping. With swift arm movements included, you’ll have to be quick and sharp, each move must be hit with precision or else it’ll look out of place. If you’re learning as a group, coordinating with your peers will prove as a challenge.


  1. A.C.E – Cactus 

A.C.E’s Cactus is the definition of a powerhouse performance. One look and this dance can appear daunting. You’ll have to coordinate both your hands and legs to be in sync with the music. 

If you thought Seventeen’s arm choreography is hard, you’re in for a rude awakening. Cactus is a highly aerobic dance that tests any dancer’s stamina and muscle strength.

  1. Red velvet – Be natural

A small note: If you’re performing in heels, do practice safely!

This spine-tingling song requires you to balance yourself in high heels. If not careful, you may fall or if done incorrectly, may appear sloppy.

This dance alone can be considered an ab workout, it’s tedious to dance gracefully while working your abs at the same time. Like most of the songs on the list, you’ll have to be quick and precise with each step – to execute it to perfection is no small feat.


  1. Ateez- Hala Hala

Hala Hala’s choreography is a challenge to master it to perfection. This song is fast-paced, giving you barely any time to gather your composure before your next move. Your knees will have to be flexible as there are numerous squats and shuffling steps. Not only are there are several leg movements, but you’ll also be waving your arms and jerking in sudden moments as well. However, when danced to perfection; this can make up to be one of the most jaw-dropping performances you’ll ever perform.
    1.  EXO – Monster

    As a die-hard Exo-L fan I had to include “Monster” on the list. Just watching their performance gave me goosebumps. If you’re looking to perform as a group, this choreography might prove a challenge as there are several formation shifts. Good luck with the shuffling and leg movements as well as the consistent sharp movements during the chorus, if the song doesn’t tire you out; the chorus will.

    If you’re dancing in a group, you’ll have to learn to manage space well and ensure there are no awkward inconsistent gaps between each dancer or the dance may appear off.

    1. Seventeen – Getting closer

    Seventeen is a big group and if you’re looking to perform this song, this will be one of the harder dances on this list.

     Popping and strength are the key factors of this choreography. If you aren’t scared away by this fast-paced song, the chorus will give you a run for your money.

    Just watching the dance practice alone can make your entire body shiver in fear, each move is sharp and the song leaves you little to no time to think about your next step. One of the challenges is performing in a big group, you’ll have to manage space well. Much like EXO’s monster, you’ll need to have even consistent gaps within each dancer.

    You’ll need to work your entire body, to come close to perfecting this masterpiece.

    1. ALEXA – Do or Die

    ALEXA’s Do or Die has a bombastic choreography and like most of the songs featured on this list, the choreography has fast-paced movements and takes on a ton of lower bodywork that requires accuracy and precise leg placements. Jumping? Shuffling? Body roll? Yup, those are all in this song, get ready to be drenched in sweat just from practicing.

    Despite not having many big movements, You’ll still be required to jump and drop to a body roll, all while preparing for the next more simultaneously without diminishing the movements which may seem daunting for a beginner.

    1. NCT – Kick it

    If you’ve heard of NCT’s Kick it, chances are you’ll know how much movement is jammed into this 4-minute song. Kick it will be hard on your legs and knees, with lots of big steps and movements, your body has to be flexible when making those big movements.

    With a large range of fast-paced steps, it’s easy to trip or mix up if not careful, personally, when I try learning the fast-paced song, I sometimes end up tripping as it’s easy to mix up the steps.

    While the song doesn’t require you to jump, you’ll have to hop a lot which can take up a lot of stamina.

    1. BTS – Fire


    It’s important to have energy if you wish to perform BTS’s Fire. This is to make the dance come to life. If you’re as stiff as a ruler and execute each move like a robot, it’ll take the essence out of the song.

    BTS is known for its high- energy formation changes and Fire’s choreography includes hopping and squats so be prepared to work those legs! Your hopping and hand movements have to be in sync with each other all while putting in consistent strength and dedication to perform,

    Let your passion burn and let your dance convey that message!

    1. BTS – On

    Managing your stamina is the key, for the king of all hard dances is BTS’s ON.

    Have you seen this masterpiece? I was completely blown away by the smooth yet dynamic choreography. BTS exudes large dynamic energy, if you’re looking to perform BTS’s On, the pacing is the key. This catchy tune is all about the fast footwork and pacing your stamina, much like Fire; it needs consistent strength and endurance to complete.

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