What to Wear in a Dance Audition?

When you are standing in the middle of a studio for an audition as a choreographer, your fate is in the hands of producer and casting director.

What to Wear in a Dance Audition?

You do everything right and feel confident about the results, but something on the faces of judges doesn’t look promising. The only problem is your outfit. It might be right in your thoughts, but it might be typecasting you in the wrong way. There is a possibility that directors may dislike it. In a dance audition, your outfit plays a major role in determining your potential. 

Mistakes to Avoid in Dance Audition

Below given are the mistakes that dancers do during the outfit’s selection. Learn what outfit would and would not impress directors on audition day. 

What to Wear in a Dance Audition?

  • Say No to Baggy Clothes
  • First of all, it is important to understand the company where you are going to appear for an audition. Almost all the companies dislike baggy clothes, and still, dancers appear in booty shorts and an oversized sweatshirt.

    What to Wear in a Dance Audition?

    Directors want to see the body during the dance, so it is recommended to wear as little to no clothing. So follow the expert’s advice and see what looks good on you. Ask your friends for help. Keep your audition’s clothes apart from the other clothes. Keep your audition clothes in a separate place as you keep your interview clothes. So, in this way, you can get your clothes whenever you need them, and they wouldn’t look faded. 

  • Avoid using bangles
  • The biggest mistake that women always made is wearing flannel shirts that are tied around the waist, drop-crotch pants, and too many unnecessary accessories.


    It is better to wear tight clothes so that directors can see your body is in shape. Even during hip-hop auditions, producers want to see your legs, so it is recommended to wear boyfriend-fit or skinny jeans. Don’t wear bangles. The most common mistake that women make is, they wear lots of bracelets. If you feel it is necessary, then wear only one at a time. 

    If you are auditioning for a recording artist or an agency, always be camera ready. If you are going to appear for an audition for a musician, then look at what dancers have worn on the past. If the artist is under 18, the most common mistake women make is trying to look super sexy. Please, don’t so that. 

  • Side with simplicity
  • If you are wearing pigtails to look young, you are limiting the ability of judges to see you in different roles. The dress would suggest your characters. So, don’t try to complicate things. Simple dress, along with neutral tones, can do the job very nicely. One more thing, if you appear in an audition for a classical company, never go bare legs. 

  • Keep it clean
  • Dancers like to appear in an audition in a highly sexualized outfit. During auditions, songs are sexy and also the choreography so, if you overdo in your dress and performance to look sexy, then you would lose class and charm.

    The best thing you can do is to keep things simple and clean. Wear classic attire that you feel; it wouldn’t embarrass you even you wear in front of your grandmother.

    For makeup, use neutral colors because, in the audition room, lights are fluorescent, and dark red lipstick can be theatrical. If your hairs are part of the choreography, then it is Ok to allow them to touch your face. Otherwise, if you continuously push your hair back will make you insecure. 

  • Stand out in white
  • Black tights can hide your body shape. So, for a dance audition, it is recommended to wear pink shorts or tights.

    Nowadays, the sea of shorts is available, so the judges think that all the males wearing shorts have appeared in the audition. They should wear well-fitting shirts, and stay away from loose T-shirts.  During dance audition, the room is full of bodies, so if you want to be remembered, dress out well. Black is the rarest color that people wear during auditions. White color is a symbol of bravery, and it means you are ready to show your body. You can only win dance competitions as long as you are ready to show up. 

    List of the items that you must have during auditions

    • Dance shoes. If you have more than one dance shoes, get them with you. In case, if the heel of one shoe gets broken, you can change immediately. 
    • Headshot and resume are very important. If you don’t have these items, there is a possibility that you might not be allowed to appear in the audition. 
    • Lots of water. 
    • You might be at audition all day. So to keep your body fueled, you need snacks that can help you to perform at your best. 
    • If your phone calls are important, bring a phone charger with you. 
    • Safety pins are also necessary. Most of the time assistant will provide you safety pins, but in case if there are running low of safety pins, then it can be a problem for you. Always bring extra pins in your bag. 
    • Bring makeup in your bag. It will help you to look presentable throughout the day. 
    • Deodorant
    • A towel that can help you to clean sweat, especially in summer. 
    • Bring extra clothes. Do you never know when your turn will come? So you can rip something on your clothes. So to avoid any serious issues, keep one or two extra outfits for your security. 


    Auditions can be life-changing. But the first thing you need to do is dressed comfortably. If you are comfortable in your dress, then you can give your best performance. Auditioning is not easy. But you can make it easy for you to keep things simple and clean. Don’t overdo things. Get ready for a dance audition. Spending time on how to prepare yourself can reduce stress and maximize your selection chances. The last thing to do is to get a good sleep before your dance audition. 

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