Why Ballet is Harder Than Football

Steve McLendon, an American footballer said “(Ballet) It's harder than anything else I do," to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Becoming a professional ballet dancer is much more difficult as compared to becoming a football player.

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Ballet is much harder because it requires vigorous training, flexibility, and strength. In ballet, each movement should be correct and precise; otherwise, you may end up hurting yourself, or it will look messy.

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Ballet demands everyday practice, and once you reach your initial goals, set new ones, and this will help you to improve your dance. In ballet, you must have self-control and dedication while in football, things are different.

To make things look easy in ballet dance, immense strength is required. Ballet is harder than football because dancers have to match their moves with rhythm and musicality. 

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Debates on Why Ballet is Harder Than Football?

Different people have different opinions, but the result is the same that ballet is harder than football.

Ballet is harder than football because ballet dancer has to be strong, in perfect shape, and flexible. In football players just needs to be large in size and fast.

Ballet is art and sport, while football is just a sport. Ballet dancers work really hard and they don’t it to expose on their faces. While in football, it doesn’t matter. Ballerinas need to look attractive and graceful while football players just need to run, and most of the time, they seem angry. In ballet, players hold the position for a minute or two, but in football, it is not the case. 

In ballet, players have to tell their story through emotions while in football players have a story, but no emotion. In football, you need to run around to chase the ball, but in ballet, you have to show sad expressions all the time and keep control over your muscles. No one notes the facial expressions or emotions of a football player while playing, but in ballet, everything is noted by the audience. Ballerinas love to look graceful, and they love doing it. While in football purpose is to score as many goals as possible to earn lots of money. If the ballet dancer is associated with the company, he can earn a decent amount of money. But for a dancer, money is not the purpose. 

A ballet dancer requires a lot of strength, and they have to bear the pain. During the dance, they have to lift the 100-pound girl. In ballet, man has to catch the girl while in football they rarely catch a 2-pound ball. In ballet, both the upper and lower body strength is required while in football, only upper strength is required. In ballet, players work hard, but at least they don’t fight like football players. About ballet player what people don’t see is:

  • The hours of rehearsal
  • Blisters on her feet 
  • Multiple injuries that a girl bear to look graceful

Football players also work hard and might have broken bones as well, but they don’t enjoy their game as ballet players do. Football players play for pride or just for the money. It’s my opinion, it is not necessary that it should be right. Football is also difficult but when it comes to comparison between the two then it looks easy. Football is also a very difficult sport. Players need to be strong and they have to land themselves on very hard grass and also protect themselves from getting injured. Dancers have sore muscles, broken ankles, and bloody blisters. Both football players and ballet dancers must have core muscles in their body and the much-needed thing is both of them must enjoy playing their game. 

Ballet dancers suffer from injuries like joints and tendinitis and these injuries take time to recover. You can master football in just a few weeks but to master ballet in a few weeks is a difficult task. At competitive level football is insanely hard and you must have a very high football IQ. Ballet players work for scars while football players don’t work for them. Football works really hard on their fitness and conditioning. It is not true that all the players play for money or pride, some players have a passion for this sport. 

In football, many passes are caught and some may be dropped so is the case with ballet. Ballerinas may land on many jumps and they sometimes fall during jumps. The complexity of both games is similar. It is not easy to play both these games. Lots of effort and dedication is required in both sports. 

Health Benefits of Dance 

Dance can be beneficial for health. Especially ballet dance is not just about the moves on stage, it provides lots of health benefits as well. Ballet can help to develop muscles that a normal person can’t do. It can improve your position and reduces the chances of back pain. Ballet is not only physical exercise; it is also a mental exercise. How the brain is involved during a ballet dance? You have to memorize dance moves, combinations, and improve spatial awareness. In football players also use the brain to memorize positions and plays to communicate effectively.

Dancing moves involves stretches that develop flexibility and body stiffness is reduced. Another advantage of dance is it helps to relieve stress. Dance is recommended for cardiovascular patients because this physical exercise strengthens the heart. Dance can help to reduce weight and so does the game of football. 


There are lots of factors that predict why ballet is harder than football. Do you know about these sports? Do you know how much pain they bear? How much practice is required to be perfect? How many injuries you have to suffer? Whatever it is, it is clear that ballet is harder than football. Ballet is not just a sport, it is an art. It requires much more strength and flexibility. A ballet player prepares himself for scars. They suffer from injuries that take lots of time to recover. They spend lots of time to look graceful. In doing so, they bear a lot of pain as well. 

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