12 Reasons Why Is Tap Dancing Cool

Tap dancing is cool. A show like “Tap Dogs” has developed the interest of people inside and outside of the dance community, and children and adults now want to learn tap dance.

The American Tap Dance Foundation (ATDF) was established in the 80s, and they legitimize tap dance as a vital component of American Dance. ATDF has several programs that promote tap dance and its gaining popularity among children as well.

Why is tap dancing cool? Tap Dancing is cool because it is a mixture of music, performance, and love of dance. 

Tap dance is all about discipline, and dancers are taught improvisation, choreography, and syncopation. However, some people consider it a complicated dance form, but it isn’t. However, to master this dance, skills, and practice is required. Tap dance is defined as using the metal tap attached to the shoe heel on the hard surface to produce music or sound. Tap dances are of two types Broadway and rhythm. In rhythm tap dance, the focus is on musicality while in Broadway focus should be on dance. Tap dancing can be done in a group or solo and with or without music because dancers create their own music. 

The rhythm form of tap dancing doesn’t require taps on the shoes. The tapping of the feet generates sound. Shoes without tap are known as soft-shoes and considered to be the modern tap. But with the evolvement of new styles, this tap dance loses its popularity. As it continues to grow, it was mixed with Lindy hip, and then latterly it was converted to jazz dancing. Lots of legendary actors and dancers have performed this dance. 

12 Reasons Why Is Tap Dancing Cool?

Tap dancing has lots of benefits. It’s not just an art; it has lots of health benefits as well. 

  • Anyone can tap dance
  • The specialty of tap dance is there is no restriction of age or fitness level. Tap dance classes are available for everyone. Young children, adults, students, and senior citizens can learn and practice tap dance. 

  • Tap dance has produced legendary performers
  • It has produced a long line of legendary performers such as, Bill Robinson. He passed his dance skills to the next generations. Tap dance history and great mentors have kept the legacy of tap dance alive. 

  • Tap dance is the music
  • When you learn tap dance, you become a musician along with the dancer. Tapping your shoe heel on the hard floor to produce sound improves your sense to find the beat. You convert this beat pattern into music. So, it is not only a dance, it is the music as well. 

    Tap Dance Music

  • Tap dance is a community
  • Although, it is not usually performed with a partner still it is a social dance. The conversation of sound and friendly-competition allows tap dancers to share and learn new skills. The conversation is happening all around the world. So, tap dancing is an art and you become part of the community. 

    Tap Dance Community

  • Tap dance is a Fun Fitness Activity
  • As it is mentioned earlier, tap dancing is fun. It is important to learn the basics of tap and choreography of tap dance is an aerobic activity. What you have to do is, practice it three times a week, and it will improve your cardiovascular health. Tap dancing is good for overall health and especially for the heart. It is a fun activity to tone your legs and bottom. 

    Tap Dance

  • Tap dance is noisy
  • When you make a noise, you feel good irrespective of the age. Tapping improves self-confidence and emotional health. It is suitable for those adults and children who don’t have a voice. They can express their feelings and emotions through tap dancing. 

    Noisy Tap Dance

  • Tap dancing makes you smarter
  • It is not easy to learn tap steps. It requires the involvement of your brain to learn and remember tap dance moves. It is the best exercise for your brain. It will make you smarter, and chances of dementia and Alzheimer’s in the long-run are prevented. 

  • You can learn other dance forms easily
  • Tap dancers have very complex footwork. Tap dancers use their footwork to produce precise sound with exact timing. During the training of tap dancing, communication between feet, legs, and brain is developed. If you can learn this dance, you can learn any dance which involves swift footwork. 

    Tap Dance

  • It goes anywhere and everywhere
  • As it is mentioned earlier, it is not limited to a few countries, and it is a worldwide phenomenon. You can perform this dance form anywhere. It can be performed in the smallest spaces imaginable and also in a large cathedral. So, no space restriction, and you can practice this dance art. 

  • It improves balance
  • Art of tap dancing requires a lot of weight shift during dance moves. It helps to improve your coordination, balance, and core control. It means minimum chances of back pain, falling or tripping, and batter posture. So, to maintain balance, tap dancing is the best dance form. 

  • It helps to lose weight
  • Whether you are learning dancing or performing it, everything is aerobic. Energy and concentration is required to execute all the dance moves in time with the music. When properly executed, these moves can help you to lose weight.

  • Tap Dancing is entertaining 
  • Along with all the other benefits, tap dancing makes people, the audience, and performers happy. You can make it one of your favorite entertainment sources. So, these are the reasons “why is tap dancing cool.”


    Today, some famous tap dancers like Melinda Sullivan, the Clark Brothers, and Savion Glover are taking steps to carry this dance into the future. Children, who are enthusiastic about learning tap, want to build their career in tap dancing. Due to its increasing popularity, World Tap Dance Championship has been introduced by the International Dance Organization (IDO).

    Although it is challenging to learn, still it is the most effective dance art. So, the answer to this question, “why is tap dancing cool” is it a fun dance and offers lots of health benefits. 

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