Why Is Tap Dancing Good For You?

Tap dancing is fun to watch and enjoyable to perform. Tap dancing is not only a fun activity; it has lots of health benefits as well. It is the most popular dancing style around the world. 

We summarise the goodness and benefits of tap dancing in the following table

Physical Wellness
Boost Cardiovascular Performance

Tone Leg Muscles

Risk of high blood pressure is reduced

It Burns Fat

Improves Your Balance

Other Health Benefits

Emotional Wellness
Social Activity Ideal For All Age Levels

Tap Dancing is Fun


Mental Wellness

Tap Dancing Improves Sense of Rhythm and Timing

Tap Dancing is Noisy (in a good way)

It helps you to become a better musician

It makes you smart


Fitness Benefits of Tap Dancing

Tap dancers enjoy lots of social and health benefits. A few major health benefits of tap dancing are given-below:

  • Boost Cardiovascular Performance
  • If it is performed at full intensity for 20 to 25 minutes, then it is an excellent exercise for the cardiovascular system. Tap dance is good for the lungs and heart, and they work more efficiently. When you have strong cardiovascular performance, it means your muscles are supplied with a steady flow of oxygen.

    Boost Cardiovascular Performance tap dancing 

  • Tone Leg Muscles
  • Tap dancers have strong leg muscles. It is because of tap dancing, and it is an excellent way of toning your leg muscles. Thighs and quads are optimized to tone leg muscles. 

    Tone Leg Muscle tap dancing

  • Risk of high blood pressure is reduced
  • If you have an issue of high blood pressure, you can control and bring it down by tap dancing. Tap dancing is an effective way to regulate blood pressure. When you perform tap dancing, blood starts to flow in all major muscle groups, and as a result, arteries start to dilate and contract more effectively. So, if you are a patient of BP, then try this activity. 

  • It Burns Fat
  • If you have tried different things but didn’t get good results, then it’s time to try something different. If you don’t want to run and walk for a long distance, then try to tap dancing. It is a useful activity for burning fats quickly. It depends on the activity and speed of your workout if it is performed at full intensity; you can easily burn 300 to 400 calories in a single tap workout.

    Burn Fat

  • Improves Your Balance
  • It is an activity that improves your balance. Those activities that improve your balance are good for health. During tap dance, you will learn how to maintain balance and how to improve your balance? In tap dance, weight shift takes place, so it is an excellent activity for core control and enhancing balance. It is an ideal activity to improve posture, reduce back pain, and prevent injuries. So, tap dancing is not just fun and exercise, it offers lots of good health benefits as well. 

    Improves Your Balance Tap Dancing
  • More Health Benefits
  • It is a good activity for improving strength, coordination, and flexibility. It is a useful activity for improving strength in legs and feet. In addition to strength, it improves flexibility in ankles, knees, and hips. Tap dancers have much better cognitive abilities. It involves muscles and brain to become proficient at tapping. 

     Other Benefits of Tap Dancing

    Tap dancing has lots of other benefits as well.

  • It is Portable
  • For tap dancing, the primary requirement is to get tap dance shoes and hard floors. You can perform tap-dancing without these as well. It’s a portable activity because you can perform it on the road, dance studio, or even at school function as well. 

  • Social Activity
  • It is not just a heart-pounding activity; you will have social capabilities as well. Whether you are involved in a dance class or a friendly competition, you can connect with friends in many different ways. So, if you love to be social and have good friends, then try to tap dancing. 

  • Ideal For All Age Levels
  • The specialty of tap dancing is, it has no age restrictions. Everyone can perform and take part in this activity. It is equally effective for children, adults, and senior citizens. It involves some moves that put stress on the knees, so that makes it an effective activity for senior citizens. It is a safe activity for all age and fitness levels. 

  • Tap Dancing is Fun
  • As it is mentioned earlier, it is fun to watch and enjoyable to perform. You can learn lots of things even if you already have dance experience. More importantly, it is a solo dance style, and you don’t need to have a partner for tap dancing. For more fun, you can perform it with a partner. Otherwise, it is not mandatory to have a partner in tap dancing. 

  • Tap Dancing Improves Sense of Rhythm and Timing
  • When you are engaged in tap dancing, you are most likely to have improved timing and a great sense of rhythm. Students are trained to have a good understanding of music and different tap steps and combinations. 

  • Tap Dancing is Noisy
  • Everyone feels good in a noisy atmosphere. Tap dancers create lots of voice. It doesn’t matter what your age is, you will enjoy the tapping sound. You can express your feelings and emotions through tap dancing, so it is the best activity to improve self-confidence and emotional feelings. 

  • It helps you to become a better musician
  • It is not about dance; tap dance helps you to become a better musician as well. In tap dance, you create noise with your tap shoes. It brings your inner feelings out, and you can sense the beat pattern with music.  

  • It makes you smart
  • It involves the brain all the time, so tap dancing makes you smarter. Tap dancing involves complex and detailed steps. So when you attempt to memorize different dance steps, it is a great exercise for your brain. It prevents from brain diseases. 


    Tap dancing has lots of mental, physical, and emotional benefits. Due to its incredible benefits, DAMPA has decided to increase emphasis and focus on tap dancing. So, you can join a tap dancing class, irrespective of your age. You can enjoy lots of health and social benefits. It improves your balance. You can enjoy this activity for fun. Lots of people are suffering from heart and BP problems, so tap dancing can help to improve cardiovascular systems and to regulate blood pressure. You don’t have to travel long distances to burn calories, just 30 minutes workout on full intensity can help you to burn 300 to 400 calories. Tap dancing is a social activity, so it is gaining popularity from all around the world. 

    Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
    Author: Sky Hoon
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