Why Passionate About Dancing?

Why are people passionate about dancing? There are lots of reasons for this. In this article, you will find out why passionate about dancing. I will share some views of dancers and why they are passionate about dancing? Dancing is a good workout, and it relieves you from daily stress and brings a smile on the face.

Why Passionate About Dancing?

Dancing is a special activity, and you can lose yourself in the music while dancing. More importantly, you don’t have to be professional to enjoy the benefits of dancing. Dancing makes you happier while the gym or walking can’t make you happy. 

Why is Divya Barola passionate about dancing?

A young Indian girl shared her thoughts about dancing. She said; for me, dance is closest to the magic because of the following reasons:

  • When I dance, I forget about what’s going around in my life. I forget about the stress and anxiety when I am dancing. Moreover, I have no regrets about the past and no worries about the future. So, when I am dancing, that’s what I only do. I don’t think about any other thing. 
  • My dancing mentor pointed out that when I am dancing, I always have a smile on my face. The smile comes out naturally, and I feel happy when I am dancing. I normally sing a song while dancing. I just focus on the studio mirror to see my dance. When I watch my dance move, it helps me to put more focus on dance. In short, when I dance, I forget about the world. 
  • An interesting thing is I never get tired of dancing. I dance for a couple of hours and interestingly, I hardly take a few breaks. Doing this helps me to boost my stamina. 
  • I don’t care about the people around me. Dance time helps me to understand myself. Sometimes, when the dance activity ends, I have solutions to my problems. I feel it is the magic of dance. 
  • Dancing makes my dreams, and I go into dreams and feel that everything is possible. It makes my life much easier. 
  • Dancing gives me some inner peace and satisfaction. I came back home with a happy heart. 
  • I feel that after dancing, my body is better now, so now I pay more attention to dancing than before. 
  • Dancing has not only boosted my stamina, but it has also improved my patience. When I am dancing, until I didn’t reach or practice a perfect step, I keep doing that. Dancing has developed never give up attitude in my behavior and my life. 
  • So, I suggest everyone to at least have one passion or hobbies like dancing that can provide your relief from stress, anxiety, and disastrous situations. 
  • When I dance, I feel that nobody is watching me. It gives me some freedom. 
  • Dancing is a creative sport, and I never felt bored while dancing. You will always learn or do something new. 
  • More importantly, it keeps me fit. So when you can enjoy lots of physical and health benefits that why you shouldn’t be passionate about dancing? 

So, these are the views of a young Indian girl about dancing. 

The Views of Professional Street Dancer and Teacher about Dancing

Dance is an art form that has been used for self-expression for thousands of years. It is the best way to inspire people of any age. I love to teach dance because I enjoy the passion of people to dance. 

“Growth never comes from a comfort zone. Every time I dance or perform I feel like, I am stepping into a new realm.” 

This passion allows me to discover new dance techniques and new things. Although I am a professional dance teacher, I always love and enjoy growth. 

The Views of Professional Bollywood Dancer and Teacher about Dancing

Dancing is a crucial activity for a healthy lifestyle. It offers health benefits, such as increasing stamina and relieving stress. Dancing is a great activity for emotional and mental health. She believes that dancing brings people together, and a sense of community is developed between the people that have the same passion and interests.  

My students are my inspiration, and that’s why I continue to teach. Dancing helps people to gain confidence in things that people think they can never do. I am passionate about dancing because it helps people to exceed their expectations and help to discover new things about themselves. 

“I dance because it makes me happy.”

Dancing gives you freedom and confidence when you perform in front of a massive audience. While dancing, you only focus on it, and you forget about everything that’s happening in life. When you perform, it means you are creative and dare enough to face the challenge. So, because of these reasons, I feel passionate about dancing. 

Why People Are Passionate About Dancing?

Dancing offers lots of benefits, so people unintentionally fall in love with dancing. Given-below are the views of dancers why passionate about dancing? 

  • Dancing makes me feel good, and I lost to it. It can’t be anything better than dance to entertain your audience with your dance moves. Moreover, it keeps me healthy and fit every day. 
  • Dance is a story that is told through facial expressions and movements. So, I am passionate about dancing because you can express your feelings without speaking anything. So, that’s amazing. 
  • Dancing may have more emotions than speaking. 
  • Dancing is a way to communicate without words, so when I dance, everything else around disappears, and I just feel the moment. 


Why passionate about dancing? It’s a natural phenomenon. People fall in love with dancing. Dancing brings people together, and it is a form of expression. Dancing allows people to escape from daily worries. It helps you to enjoy every moment of your dance class. Dancing is a special activity; that’s why people are passionate about dancing. 

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Author: Sky Hoon
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