Average Height and Weight of K-pop Idols

As a dancer, I’m often interested in the average height and weight of the groups. I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the average height and weight of various K-pop idols.

Based on the various K-pop idol groups, a female K-pop idol's average height is 1.64m to 1.66m (5'5") and the average weight is 43kg to 47kg (95lbs to 105lbs). Meanwhile, a male K-pop idol average height is 1.76m to 1.81m (5'9" to 5'11") and weight is 61kg to 68kg (144lbs to 151lbs).

*Please note the information below is based on available online sources.

Second Generation K-pop Idol

Kickstarting with the second generation, let’s first take a look at one of the biggest girl groups of that time, Girls Generation also known as SNSD (So Nyeo Shi Dae). Girls Generation consists of 9 members (including the former member, Jessica).

Taeyeon: 1.59m (5’3”), 45kg (99.21lbs)

Sunny: 1.58m (5’2”), 46kg (101.41lbs)

Tiffany: 1.63m (5’4”), 48kg (105.82lbs)

Hyoyeon: 1.60m (5’3”), 46kg (101.41lbs)

Yuri: 1.66m (5’5”), 49kg (108.03lbs)

Sooyoung: 1.70m (5’7”), 48kg (105.82lbs)

Yoona: 1.67m (5’6”), 48kg (105.82lbs)

Seohyun: 1.70m (5’7”), 52kg (114.64lbs)

Jessica (Former member): 1.62m (5’4”), 46kg (101.41lbs)

Average height and weight of SNSD: 1.64m (5’5”), 43.11kg (95.04lbs)

Another group of that time was Super Junior. Super Junior consists of 13 members with a Chinese sub-group, and Super Junior-M consists of 2 additional members, who are not a part of the main group.

Leeteuk: 1.74m (5’8”), 58kg (127.87lbs)

Heechul: 1.76m (5’9”), 60kg (132.28lbs)

Yesung: 1.77m (5’10”), 64kg (141.10lbs)

Shindong: 1.77m (5’10”), 79kg (174.17lbs)

Eunhyuk: 1.74m (5’8”), 61kg (134.48lbs)

Siwon: 1.83m (6’), 65kg (143.30lbs)

Donghae: 1.74m (5’8”), 60kg (132.28lbs)

Ryeowook: .1.7m (5’7”), 58kg (127.87lbs)

Kyuhyun: 1.78m (5’11”), 68kg (149.92lbs)

Lee Sungmin (Inactive member): 1.71m (5’7”), 57kg (125.66lbs)

Kangin (Former member): 1.78m (5’11”), 70kg (154.32lbs)

Hangeng (Former member): 1.81m (5’11”), 66kg (145.51lbs)

Kibum (Former member): 1.79m (5’11”), 58kg (127.87lbs)

Average height and weight of Super Junior: 1.76m (5’9”), 63.38kg (139.68lbs)

Although SISTAR is no longer an active group, SISTAR is a quartet group that defied the industry standards of the time. They were also known as the summer queens not only because of their summer hits but also because of their “body goals”.

Hyolyn: 1.64m (5’4”), 45kg (99.21lbs)

Bora: 1.65m (5’5”), 46kg (101.41lbs)

Soyou: 1.68m (5’6”), 49kg (108.03lbs)

Dasom: 1.67m (5’6”), 44kg (97lbs)

Average height and weight of SISTAR: 1.66m (5’5”), 46kg (101.41lbs)

Lastly, 2PM! Their team was often described as ‘beastly idols’ for bearing muscular physiques and pulling off difficult choreographies for their discography.

Jun. K: 1.80m (5’11”), 68kg (149.92lbs)

Nichkhun: 1.81m (5’11”), 64kg (141.10lbs)

Taecyeon: 1.86m (6’1”), 76kg (167.55lbs)

Wooyoung: 1.78m (5’10”), 65kg (143.30lbs)

Junho: 1.77m (5’10”), 67kg (147.71lbs)

Chansung: 1.84m (6’0”), 75kg (165.35lbs)

Jay Park (Former member): 1.71m (5’7”), 67kg (147.71lbs)

Average height and weight of 2PM: 1.79m (5’11”), 68.86kg (151.81lbs)

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Third Generation K-pop Idol

I am starting the third generation with one of the most prominent groups in pop music, BTS.

RM: 1.81m (5’11”), 76kg (167.55lbs)

Jin: 1.79m (5’11”), 61kg (134.48lbs)

SUGA: 1.74m (5’8”), 63kg (138.89lbs)

J-hope: 1.77m (5’10”), 65kg (143.30lbs)

Jimin: 1.74m (5’8”), 58.6kg (129.19lbs)

V: 1.79m (5’11”), 64kg (141.10lbs)

Jungkook: 1.79m (5’11”), 71kg (156.53lbs)

Average height and weight of BTS: 1.78m (5’11”), 61.51kg (144.42lbs)

A group known for its self-produced music, choreographies, and stages, SEVENTEEN is an outstanding group with 13 members.

S.Coups: 1.78m (5’11”), 65kg (143.30lbs)

Jeonghan: 1.78m (5’11”), 62kg (136.69lbs)

Joshua: 1.77m (5’10”), 60kg (132.28lbs)

Jun: 1.82m (5’12”), 66kg (145.51lbs)

Hoshi: 1.77m (5’10”), 61kg (134.48lbs)

Wonwoo: 1.82m (5’12”), 63kg (138.89lbs)

Woozi: 1.66m (5’5”), 60kg (132.28lbs)

DK: 1.79m (5’11”), 66kg (145.51lbs)

Mingyu: 1.86m (6’1”), 76kg (167.55lbs)

The8: 1.79m (5’11”), 58kg (127.87lbs)

Seungkwan: 1.74m (5’8”), 58kg (127.87lbs)

Vernon: 1.78m (5’11”), 62kg (136.69lbs)

Dino: 1.74m (5’8”), 56kg (123.46lbs)

Average height and weight of SEVENTEEN: 1.78m (5’11”), 62.54kg (137.87lbs)

TWICE is a 9-member group that was recently honored as this year’s breakthrough artist by Billboard Women in Music.

Jihyo: 1.60m (5’3”), 49kg (108.03lbs)

Nayeon: 1.63m (5’4”), 47kg (103.62lbs)

Jeongyeon: 1.67m (5’6”), 50kg (110lbs)

Momo: 1.63m (5’4”), 48kg (105.82lbs)

Sana: 1.63m (5’4”), 47kg(103.62lbs)

Mina: 1.63m (5’4”), 46kg (101.41lbs)

Dahyun: 1.61m (5’4”), 49kg (108.03lbs)

Chaeyoung: 1.59m (5’3”), 46kg (101.41lbs)

Tzuyu: 1.70m (5’7”), 48kg (105.82lbs)

Average height and weight of TWICE: 1.81m (5’11”), 47.77kg (105.31lbs)

Another powerhouse of today’s K-Pop group is BLACKPINK.

Jisoo: 1.62m (5’4”), 44kg (97lbs)

Jennie: 1.63m (5’4”), 45kg (99.21lbs)

Rosé: 1.69m (5’6”), 44kg (97lbs)

Lisa: 1.66m (5’5”), 45kg (99.21lbs)

Average height and weight of Blackpink: 1.65m (5’5”), 44.5kg (98.10lbs)

Fourth Generation

Sharing messages of self-confidence from their debut, ITZY is a 5 member group from JYP Entertainment that is currently on their first world tour, ‘CHECKMATE’.

Yeji: 1.67m (5’6”), 46kg (101.41lbs)

Lia 1.62m (5’4”), 43kg (94.80lbs)

Ryujin: 1.64m (5’5”), 49kg (108.03lbs)

Chaeryeong: 1.66m (5’5”), 46kg (101.41lbs)

Yuna: 1.70m (5’7”), 47kg (103.62lbs)

Average height and weight of ITZY: 1.65m (5’5”), 46.2kg (101.85lbs)

TOMORROW X TOGETHER (also known as TXT) has recently topped the Billboard Artists 100 chart with their latest album, The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION.

Soobin: 1.85m (6’1”), 67kg (147.71lbs)

Yeonjun: 1.81m (5’11”), 62kg (136.69lbs)

Choi Beomgyu: 1.80m (5’11”), 56kg (123.46lbs)

Kang Taehyung: 1.77m (5’10”), 57kg (125.66lbs)

Huening Kai: 1.83m (6’), 67kg (147.71lbs)

Average height and weight of TXT: 1.81m (5’11”), 61.8kg (136.24lbs)

You might think there must be height criteria for all K-Pop idols. But fret not, a solo artist that stands out from the industry with their height is Alexa. Despite that, she is known for her powerful stage performance. Height: 1.52m (5’), Weight: 41kg (90.39 lbs).

Ideal Kpop Weight Calculator

Choi Yejin, a former Kpop trainee, revealed a simplified ideal Kpop weight calculator being Ideal Weight (in kg) = Height (in cm) - 120. 

Using the weight calculator, you can see that it is members of Blackpink are close to the ideal weight except for Rosé. But a person's weight will varied over time so it might not be necessary to track it so precisely.

Jisoo: 1.62m (5’4”), 44kg (97lbs) . 2kg over ideal weight of 42kg

Jennie: 1.63m (5’4”), 45kg (99.21lbs). 2kg over ideal weight of 43kg

Rosé: 1.69m (5’6”), 44kg (97lbs) 5kg under ideal weight of 49kg

Lisa: 1.66m (5’5”), 45kg (99.21lbs) 1kg under ideal weight of 46kg

If you’re a dancer or aspire to be one. In either case, it is important to maintain your health while taking care of your body, and dancers need to be in top shape if they want to stand out and give their best on the stage.

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