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In "Lalisa", Lisa celebrates her identity and self-confidence. She expresses her individuality and self-assuredness, emphasizing her name, "LaLisa," as a symbol of her unique identity.

Overall, "Lalisa" is a confident and empowering song that showcases Lisa's individuality and self-belief. The lyrics reflect Lisa's self-assured and assertive personality. She's not afraid to demand recognition and express her confidence. The song "Lalisa" is an anthem celebrating her identity and her place in the world of music and entertainment.

Meaning of LALISA Introduction

You know just from looking at my back
When it gets dark, the light shines pink
When the bright light wakes me up
I shake up the world (Hey!)
La, la-la-la, la, la-la-la
La, la-la-la
What's my name? What's my name? (Hey!)
La, la-la-la, la, la-la-la
La, la-la-la
What's my name? What's my name?

The lyrics "What's my name? What's my name?" suggest that she wants the world to recognize and remember who she is.

The lines "You know just from looking at my back" and "When it gets dark, the light shines pink" could be interpreted as Lisa's way of saying that even when things get tough or challenging, she will stand out and shine brightly, just like the color pink. Pink is often associated with positivity, energy, and uniqueness.

The phrase "I shake up the world" reflects her determination to make an impact and leave her mark on the world through her music and presence in the entertainment industry.

LaLisa Verse 1

I empty my head completely
And burn the loud emotions
Burn, burn, burn
I'm the champagne that'll quench your thirst at that moment
Sip, sip, drink me up
Yes, lift up my body higher

The verse seems to convey a sense of release and letting go of one's emotions and inhibitions. Here's a breakdown of the possible meaning:

  1. "I empty my head completely": This line suggests that the speaker is clearing their mind of all thoughts and distractions. They are preparing to be fully present in the moment, letting go of worries and overthinking.

  2. "And burn the loud emotions, burn, burn, burn": The speaker is expressing a desire to burn or consume their intense emotions. It could mean that they want to let go of these emotions and powerfully release them, perhaps through a passionate or cathartic experience.

  3. "I'm the champagne that'll quench your thirst at that moment, sip, sip, drink me up": This metaphor likens the speaker to champagne, a luxurious and celebratory drink. They are offering themselves as a source of enjoyment and fulfillment to someone else, like a refreshing beverage. It could imply that the speaker is ready to provide pleasure and enjoyment to another person.

  4. "Yes, lift up my body higher": This line could signify a desire for elevation, either in terms of mood or experience. The speaker is willing to be lifted higher, possibly by the emotions or the connection they have with someone. It might also symbolize a sense of surrender to the moment and a willingness to be carried away by the experience.

LaLisa Chrous

  1. [Pre-Chorus]: "Want you to ring the alarm, Tell it to the world, kiss my name"

    • In the pre-chorus, Lisa is expressing her desire for recognition and acknowledgment. She wants people to take notice of her and her accomplishments. "Ring the alarm" suggests that she wants her presence and impact to be known and celebrated worldwide. "Kiss my name" is a symbolic way of saying that she wants her name to be associated with respect, admiration, and fame.
  2. [Chorus]: "Say, 'Lalisa, love me, Lalisa, love me' / Call me, 'Lalisa, love me, Lalisa, love me' / Oh-ooh, you know the attitude / What more do you want? / The loudest in the room"

    • In the chorus, Lisa is asserting her self-worth and confidence. She encourages people to say her name and express their love for her. By repeating "Lalisa, love me," she's emphasizing her identity and her value. "Oh-ooh, you know the attitude" signifies her bold and confident demeanor, and she questions what more people could want from her. "The loudest in the room" suggests that she is unapologetically taking the spotlight and making her presence known.

LaLisa Verse 2

Lisa continues to convey a sense of assertiveness, confidence, and the importance of protecting what's hers. Here's a breakdown of the meaning:

  1. "Baby, get the megaphone, put it on speaker":

    • This line symbolizes the speaker's desire to amplify their voice and make a strong statement. They want to be heard loud and clear, possibly addressing someone directly or addressing a situation that requires attention.
  2. "I said I can't hear you, so you need to speak up":

    • The speaker emphasizes that they are not willing to accept silence or indifference. They want the other person to be clear and direct in their communication. It's a call for open and honest dialogue.
  3. "Put that shit on stereo, everyone else on very low":

    • The speaker wants to give priority and focus to the person they are addressing. By putting everything else on "very low," they are creating a heightened and exclusive connection, possibly emphasizing the importance of their message or relationship.
  4. "Protect it like a barrier, promise there's nothing scarier / Than me if anybody coming gunnin' for my man":

    • These lines highlight the speaker's protective nature. They view themselves as a formidable force and are ready to defend their loved ones, making it clear that they are not to be messed with.
  5. "Gonna catch a case, gun up in my hand / Bam, bam, bam! Hit after hit though":

    • The lyrics continue the theme of protection and assertiveness. The speaker is willing to take legal action or use force, if necessary, to defend their loved one. "Bam, bam, bam! Hit after hit though" could refer to their willingness to confront any threats head-on and handle situations as they come.
  6. "Rocks in my wrist, so I call 'em the Flintstones":

    • Here, the speaker references the jewelry on their wrist and humorously likens the stones in their jewelry to the "Flintstones," possibly suggesting that their jewelry is large and attention-grabbing.

LaLisa Bridge

The bridge in the song "Lalisa" by Lisa carries themes of self-assuredness, self-worth, and the artist's expectation of unwavering love and recognition. Here's the meaning of these lyrics:

  1. "I'm incomparable, you gon' still love me nonetheless":

    • In this line, Lisa asserts her uniqueness and exceptional qualities. She's confident in her worth and individuality. She believes that even with her one-of-a-kind characteristics, the person she's addressing will continue to love her, regardless of her distinctiveness.
  2. "You gon' still love me":

    • This is a repetition of the idea that despite her being incomparable, the person's love for her will remain steadfast.
  3. "You need some L-A-L-I-S-A":

    • Lisa playfully spells out her name, emphasizing her identity. She suggests that the person needs her presence, her personality, and her name in their life.
  4. "Remember my name that's standing right in front of you":

    • Lisa reminds the person that she is present and tangible, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging her presence and remembering her name.
  5. "Love you some L-A-L-I-S-A":

    • She encourages the person to love her, the person Lisa is, rather than just her name or her fame. It's a call for genuine affection and appreciation.

LaLisa Verse 3

In the final verse, Lisa continues to convey themes of confidence, achievement, and the idea that she has transcended borders and expectations. Here's the meaning of these lyrics:

  1. "You cannot see me, even though I show you all my ways (No)":

    • Lisa is expressing that despite being open and transparent in showcasing her talents and personality, some people may still not fully understand or appreciate her. The "No" suggests a defiance against being misunderstood.
  2. "From Thailand to Korea, and now here, went for the throat (The throat)":

    • Lisa references her journey and how she has come a long way from her hometown in Thailand to Korea, and now she's in a prominent position in the music industry. "Went for the throat" suggests that she has been ambitious and direct in pursuing her goals and making a mark.
  3. "Being the greatest of all time ain't fantasy (Woo!)":

    • Lisa expresses her belief that achieving greatness is not just a fantasy or a dream but an attainable reality. The "Woo!" is likely an expression of her excitement and determination.
  4. "Jet black and pink crown belongs to we (BLACKPINK!)":

    • Lisa emphasizes her connection to BLACKPINK, her K-pop group, by mentioning "jet black and pink" (the group's colors) and stating that the crown belongs to "we," meaning the members of BLACKPINK. This reinforces her identity as a member of the group.
  5. "Lalisa, Lalisa, Lalisa, I am standing above the sky":

    • Lisa repeats her name and proclaims her elevated status and success. The line "standing above the sky" symbolizes her feeling of being on top of the world or at the peak of her career.
  6. "Lalisa, Lalisa, Lalisa, they want me":

    • This line indicates that she is in high demand and that people desire her presence and talents. She's acknowledging her popularity and appeal.
  7. "Lalisa, Lalisa, Lalisa, catch me if you can":

    • Lisa playfully challenges others to try to catch up with her or keep up with her success. It suggests her confidence in her position and her determination to stay ahead.

The third verse, like the rest of the song, conveys Lisa's self-assuredness, pride in her achievements, and unapologetic attitude towards her success and fame.

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