BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” is a global sensation that has been remixed, covered, and parodied by fans around the world. But what does it mean? Let’s take a closer look.

According to some translations of the song, DDU-DU DDU-DU can mean “Come here, Over there," or "Take off like a rocket." It also describes the experience of being in love – the sense of exhilaration, excitement, and anticipation that comes along with it. In an interview with TIME magazine, singer Jisoo said that she wanted people to feel empowered when they listen to their music: “When you listen to our songs, I hope you feel strong and powerful and cool as ever.”

Here's a general overview of the song's main themes:

  • The song is about BLACKPINK's confidence and dominance in the music industry.
  • The lyrics celebrate their success and talk about their status as queens in the industry.
  • The song is also about having fun and enjoying life, with upbeat beats and a catchy chorus.
  • The chorus lyrics also evoke these feelings of strength and self-assurance:

Lisa's rap in the Japanese version also provides some clues to the intended meaning of the song:- 

  • I keep it lit like a matchstick (where 'lit' is often used as slang for something awesome or exciting)
  • Bitch I’m a star but not Patrick (Believed to be a reference to Patrick Star from Spongebob SquarePants while calling herself a star)
  • I’m getting a cake that’s a fat check ('Cake' could mean a piece of cake getting a 'fat check' or a significant amount of money)
  • All on a roll like a graduate (Saying someone who graduated that is doing well)
  • This smart mouth spit dumb heat (Not sure but it could mean someone's smart but talk dumb things)
  • Like Ice T I’m OG (Reference to Ice-T who is a famous rapper from the 1990s whose first album was called 'OG: Original Gangster)
  • I’m demon like I T ('IT' could refer to a shapeshifting demonic being from Stephen King's book 'IT')
  • Got more juice than Hi-C ('Juice' can mean more energy than "Hi-C" which is a brand of juice)

These words describe the group's journey from being relatively unknown to becoming one of K-pop's most popular female acts. They have achieved international stardom and are living proof that hard work pays off.

The video for the song further emphasizes this message with its vibrant visuals, which include scenes of aquatic creatures soaring through neon-filled waters, paying homage to BLACKPINK's unique style as well as hinting at their story as rising stars in today’s society.

BLACKPINK’s iconic hit also celebrates individuality and encourages people to be true to themselves no matter what others might think or say about them. We can see this idea most clearly in the bridge segment of the song.

Overall, the meaning behind “DDU-DU DDU-DU" goes far beyond just a catchy phrase or head-bopping beat – it is an anthem for anyone who wants to stay true to who they are by following their passions and living life on their terms. It’s no wonder why this song has become such an international phenomenon!

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