Mafia In The Morning Song Meaning

"Mafia In The Morning" by K-pop group ITZY has been a hit since its release in April 2021. However, some listeners are curious about the meaning behind this catchy and upbeat song. Here’s a deeper look into the meaning behind “Mafia In The Morning”.

Lyrics Analysis

The lyrics of “Mafia In The Morning” provide more insight into its meaning.

  1. ITZY members clarified that “In the morning” is based on the popular party game “Mafia” in South Korea. In the game, players split into two teams—the mafia team must “kill” off the other players and hide their identities while the rest try to catch the "mafia" or spy out.

  2. Many people questioned the title because there is little reference to the "morning" compared to "mafia" except for the phrase "In the morning light, you don't even know. Hit you like the mafia"
  3. Nevertheless, the title "Mafia In The Morning" can be seen as a metaphor for a group of confident and powerful women who are ready to take on any challenge. Mafia is known for being secretive; therefore, the title could also be interpreted as embodying aspects of secrecy or veiling desires/schemes until their ultimate execution in broad daylight (in this context – morning), giving an air of mystery to the whole song.

  4. Lines like "I'm a steal your heart away. Oh you are gonna love me", "Better watch your, watch your heart" and "Hurry up baby, catch me if you can, haha" hint at love interest between two enthusiasts who outwit each other while pursuing romance. Yeji explained that “In the morning” is about hiding your emotions to win your crush’s heart.
  5. However, lines like “Do I show you, no, not I” and "I won't be the first one to fold" suggest that it portrays a sort-of cat-and-mouse game

  6. Killer moves yet heartwarming moments alongside its offbeat tune leave audiences mesmerized with ITZY’s exchange involving Mafia Codes while still keeping decency alive.

The Fierce and Confident Vibe

The ITZY's concept is centered around self-confidence and empowerment for young women. Their music is usually accompanied by fierce choreography, bold fashion, and sassy lyrics. "Mafia In The Morning" is no exception. The song exudes confidence and tells a story of powerful women who are not afraid to go after what they want.

Some critics have described "Mafia in the Morning" as a baffling misfire because it is different from Itzy's previous songs. However, the song has been well-received by fans and trended worldwide on Twitter following its release. ITZY was able to break their own record as "M.A.F.I.A in the Morning" and reached rank 15 on Melon's 24 Hit charts as their previous record was ranked 16 with their song "Not Shy."

J.Y. Park was right about the song as many netizens have grown to like the song. Some netizens said that it was the girls' performance skills that made them like the song. Netizens commented,

  • "The chorus to this song is so catchy, I'm starting to like the song, lol," "After repeat listens, the song is growing on me," 
  • "I listened to this song because so many people were saying it was bad. When I heard it, I thought it was good and I watched their performance and became their fan, lol,"
  • "No, the song is still bad and the lyrics are subpar. The performance made the song good, in my opinion,"
  • "ITZY was able to save this song, or else it would have flopped,"
  • "The song is good, but the lyrics are meh. Still very catchy and addicting. lol," and
  • "Definitely the performance of the girls made this song good lol."


In conclusion, "Mafia in the Morning" presents itself not only as an energetic bop but also delivers an empowering message through lyrics concealed under secret codes throughout its beats that coincide with several hidden meanings encouraging one to take charge over their life choices unconventionally – much like a crime boss maneuvering his way through seeking end goals on the romance-centric street!

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